From pick up point to Cyberjaya Monthly Depart from pick-up point/time Depart from Cyberjaya
Kelana Medical Centre RM165 7:05 am - Front of the KMC 3:00 pm
Kelana Jaya LRT 7:10 am - Bus Stop Opp 6:00 pm
KTM Subang 7:25 am - Carrefour Bus Stop 3:00 pm
Sunway Pyramid 7:30 am - Sunway pyramid opp caltex beside bus stop 6:00 pm

    Terms and Conditions:

  1. Do not speak in vulgar words and no arguments to the driver, if we found any, stern action will be taken towards the students.
  2. If we found any forged cards fine will be imposed
  3. If the students enter the bus without cards stern action will be taken.
  4. Only full months card are available.