Days Monthly Half month Depart Pick Up
Monday - Friday RM 90 RM 50 8:15am 12:30pm
8:30am 2:45pm
8:45am 3:30pm
9:15am 4:30pm
9:30am 5:30pm
9:45am 6:30pm
10:15am 7:30pm
Saturday 8:30am 1:00pm

    Terms and Conditions:

  1. No Bus Service to/from LUCT on Sundays & Public Holidays.
  2. Desaria Villa bus cards can only be purchased at the Desaria Villa management office.
  3. Two types of tickets are available for purchase: 1-month and half-month. Half-month tickets are valid from 1st to 15th or from 16th to end of the month.
  4. Bus tickets can be purchased as early as 3 days before the start of the subsequent month.