Foundation in Sound and Music

Limkokwing Sound & Music Design Academy, JPT/BPP (U) 1000-801/36/Jld.7(28)

The Foundation in Sound and Music provides an in-depth preparation for a diverse range of careers in the recording industry.

The programme consists of three semesters dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of music, ear training, keyboard harmony, and MIDI programming. Students learn basic composition, recording, editing, mixing, and production using digital and analogue equipment.

The University's Sound and Music Design Academy houses the best talent, facilities, and recording equipment to match the industry demands. We have fully-equipped recording studios for digital and analogue sound production, use the latest sound editing software for post-production audio engineering, and employ the best talents to guide our students through it.

Public and private organisations regularly seek to collaborate with us in producing songs that are catchy and iconic. These collaborations give our Foundation in Sound and Music students valuable industry experience even before graduation.

Some of our most memorable and meaningful songs produced are:


Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Audio Signal Flow Advanced Analogue Recording Application
Introduction to Analogue Audio Workstations Microphones & Speakers
Human Hearing & Sound Foundation Ear Training 1
Music Introduction Keyboard Harmony 1
English & Study Skills Music Introduction 2
  English for Music 2
  Malaysian Studies
Semester 3
Digital Audio Workstation 1
Midi Programming
Music Introduction 3
Keyboard Harmony 2
Ear Training 2
Music Appreciation
Bahasa Malaysia*

*Not applicable for international students

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