Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Transport Design

Faculty of Design Innovation JPT/BPP(U) 1000-801/4/Jld 6(30)

The Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Transport Design is the first Transport Design course in Malaysia. The programme develops individuals who are able to introduce innovations and creative approaches to all forms of transportation including air, rail, road and sea. It focuses on practical issues that will enable you to create desirable yet efficient transportation of the future. You can enrol and focus on different streams that cover personal use or public transportation design. There are various specialisations from motorcycles, cars, and even design for public transport as well as commercial vehicles and custom vehicles.

This programme is set for 3 years with a compulsory Foundation in Design. As this is an art and design-based programme, the Foundation year is vital to introduce students to strong visual skills such as manual drawing and sketching; technical aspects such as form and colour; and theory components such as history and creative thinking.

In the first year, students will be exposed to the basics of 2D and 3D design skills, as well as how to work with scaled models derived from transportation design concepts. Theory and analysis skills will also strengthen design work. Students will also study packaging and ergonomic requirements for the best design solutions. In the second year, students will focus on their special interest projects. The delivery will be conducted in such a way that it is directly related to ergonomics and knowledge of engineering construction. In the final year, students will be exposed to collaborative projects within the industry. There is the opportunity to apply for a professional experience that may include an industry internship.

This programme is taught through a combination of theory classes in the form of lectures and paper assignments, practical demonstrations, and 3D work submissions. There will also be tutorials and coaching for most studio-based projects. Students will be working on projects individually and in groups.

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Experimental Construction Transport Innovation
Workshop Technology 1 Workshop Technology 2
Transport Design 1 Transport Design 2
History of Design Rendering Techniques
2D Computer-Aided Design 3D Computer-Aided Design
Form and Colour Studies Materials & Processes
Ethnic Relations (Local student) / Malaysian Studies (International student) Islamic Civilisation and Asian Civilisation (Local Student) / Communication Malay Language 3 (International student)
Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4
Vehicle Interiors 1 Vehicle Interiors 2
Digital Modeling 1 Digital Modeling 2
Integrated Transport Design 1 Integrated Transport Design 2
Human Factors in Design Transport Engineering
Automotive Design History Professional Practice (Transport)
Bahasa Kebangsaan A or Creative & Innovation Skills (Local Student) Global Classroom
Creative & Innovation Skills (International Student) Work Sociology and Malaysian Industry
Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6
Internship BDes Transport Design Project
Academic Writing Self-Selected Transport Project
Global Classroom Thesis
Select One: Design & Business Strategy
Community Services

*Not applicable for international students

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