Bachelor (Hons) in Recording Arts

Limkokwing Sound & Music Design Academy JBT/BPP (U)1000-801/4/Jld.7(29)

The Bachelor (Hons) in Recording Arts is a three-year programme that produces graduates who are ready for a professional career in the music and recording industry. It is a specialised degree for those passionate in working behind-the-scenes in music production and publishing, handling artists and repertoire (A&R), or being the actual artist or talent themselves.

Why work in the music and recording industry?

The music industry is a billion-dollar industry that produces and promotes live and studio music. Its subset, the recording industry, produces a wide-range of recorded audio for the music, film, TV, and gaming industries. These recorded audio include sound effects for movies, background music for games and mobile apps, voice-over in TV shows, music albums, and concert DVDs.

Careers in this field can be particularly rewarding due to the industries’ constant demand for sound and music professionals. They create songs, mix and edit audio, produce and promote albums, manage live concerts and events, and deal with the artists. A glimpse into the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average salary for sound engineering technicians, music directors, and composers is at USD 50,000 per year.

Some of the most popular job titles for Bachelor (Hons) in Recording Arts graduates are music composer, lyricist, music arranger and producer, studio engineer, live sound engineer, mastering engineer, sound designer, and music publisher. Foley artists recreate sound effects for movies and TV for a richer and more realistic viewing experience. A&R representatives recruit and manage artists for big record labels.

Why study at Limkokwing University?

Limkokwing University's creative approach to education attracts students from more than 100 countries every intake. This unique multicultural environment exposes our students to different genres, instruments, and musical influences.

Public and private organisations regularly seek to collaborate with us in producing songs that are catchy and iconic. These collaborations give our students valuable and much-needed industry experience even before graduation.

Some of our most memorable and meaningful songs produced are:

  • Let's Heal the World in partnership with UNICEF,

  • 1Malaysia for the government's Satu Malaysia Campaign,

  • 1M4U to encourage youth volunteerism for the non-profit organisation iM4U,

  • Malaysia Inovatif for the 2010 Malaysian Year of Innovation, and

  • Be Smart for the Royal Malaysia Police to promote awareness against cybercrimes.

The University's Sound and Music Design Academy houses the best talent, facilities, and recording equipment to match these collaborative demands. We have fully-equipped recording studios for digital and analogue sound production, use the latest sound editing software for post-production audio engineering, and employ the best talents to guide our students through it.

What you will learn in Bachelor (Hons) in Recording Arts

The programme prepares our students for highly-employable local and international careers. It exposes them to the different facets of the sound and music industry and how professional studios operate in real life environments. The curriculum is tailored to teach both the theoretical and practical aspects of the music industry. It covers music production in recording studios and live events, as well as the business and visual design aspects of producing and publishing music.

Specifically, it teaches the principles of harmony, vocal technique, acoustics, and music composition and arrangement. Modules in music psychology and English for music help the students to understand and express themselves fully in lyrical compositions.

The students are taught advanced skills in sound design, audio engineering, and post-production editing. They use digital mixing consoles and other latest music technology to produce the best music and film score. Beyond recording studio set-ups, they are trained in live sound techniques and live event production.

Students study the profitability of the music industry through business and public relations (PR) perspectives. They appreciate the importance of visual music production by learning basic digital imaging, web design, and video production.

Through projects, they alternately try the roles of being a producer, recording engineer, musician, and entrepreneur. These special projects also help ensure that they fully develop their skills in listening, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

By the time our graduates get their Bachelor (Hons) in Recording Arts degree, we aim to have instilled in them the real value of music: how its universality transcends culture, race, and age and how it can help dissolve hate, build unity, and move people to action.

For further reading, we recommend “Goettingen: The song that made history” and “How do film-makers manipulate our emotions with music?” by BBC.

Show Programme Structure


Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
MIDI, Synthesis and Sampling Techniques Audio Mastering Techniques
Advanced Digital Audio Workstation Composition and Arrangement for Music 1
Modern Harmony Sound Design & Audio Post Production
Fundamentals in Vocal Technique Live Sound Techniques
Principles of Acoustics Surround Sound
English for Music 1 English for Music 2
Ethnic Relations (Local Students)
Malaysian Studies 3 (International Students)
Islamic Civilisation and Asian Civilisation (Local Students)
Communication Malay Language 2 (International Students)
Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4
Live Event Production Mobile Recording Technology
Composition and Arrangement for Music 2 Record Label
Advanced Audio Post Production Digital Imaging 1
Video Production Web Design & Technology
English for Music 3 Music Production for Visuals
Bahasa Kebangsaan A (Local Students without BM Credit in SPM) or Choose One
Choose One (Local Students) Malaysian Economy
Leadership Skill & Human Relations Government and Public Policy of Malaysia
Creative & Innovation Skills Organisational Behaviour in the Multi-Ethnic Society of Malaysia
Entrepreneurship Work Sociology and Malaysian Industry
Writing Skills Constitution and Society in Malaysia
EQ Management Skills Comparison of Religions
Decision Making Skills Comparison of Ethnics
Thinking Skills Banking and Finance in Malaysia
Choose One (International Students)
Leadership Skill & Human Relations
Creative & Innovation Skills
Writing Skills
EQ Management Skills
Decision Making Skills
Thinking Skills
Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6
Internship (During Semester Break) Creative Studies & Thesis
Entrepreneurship Music Psychology & Therapy
Research Methods Music Industry Studies
Public Relations
Digital Imaging 2
Artist & Repertoire
Choose One
Community Services

* Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) subjects will be introduced from February 2014 onwards as part of government requirements.

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