Diploma in Fashion and Retail Design

Faculty of Fashion & Lifestyle Creativity KPT/JPS(KR10529) 06/14

The Diploma in Fashion & Retail Design is a programme that develops students' capability in international fashion and retail industry. Fashion is an international industry which demands talented fashion designers who are able to innovate and develop creative designs that can compete in the global market.

The Fashion & Retail Design programme responds to the direct needs of the global industry. The diploma emphasises innovation and creativity in Fashion & Retail Design while providing the students with the technical knowledge necessary for a successful entry into the fashion industry. We produce graduates who have an all-round talent in the fashion industry - from fashion design, manufacturing and retail design, to merchandising and fashion management. Students are also exposed to fashion photography and journalism to have an extra advantage.

The 3-year programme ensures students will obtain a firm foundation in research, design methods and practical skills in drawing, communications and fashion photography. Students also work on live industry projects and are exposed to fashion management and merchandising.

In the programme, the students are introduced to the skills of construction in sewing, flat pattern drafting and illustration. Field trips to showrooms, museums and factories as well as special projects and lectures by guest speakers help broaden the knowledge of the fashion industry. In the final year, students begin to specialise and develop an area of expertise. Whilst most of the graduates go on to become fashion designers, others decide to move into fashion management and merchandising.

The programme provides a hands-on learning experience and students are expected to make their own garment collection. This includes all designs worn to create a statement about the individual. It incorporates all the production activities such as the manipulation and experimentation of textiles and trims. It generates ideas that are then translated into three-dimensional form through pattern drafting and/or draping and sewing.

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Life Drawing 1 Communication Studies 2
Creative Studies 1 Pattern Drafting & Sewing Technique 1
Communication Studies 1 Fashion Design 1
Design Studies 1 Fashion History
Analytical Drawing 1 Photography 1
Moral/Islamic Studies* Figure Drawing
  Malaysian Studies*
Year 2
Semester 3 Semester4
Fashion Design 2 Retail Design
Pattern Drafting & Sewing Technique 2 Fashion Design 3
Fashion Illustration Pattern Drafting & Sewing Technique 3
Business & Management Studies Presentation Techniques 1
Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B*  
Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6
Event Management Fashion Design 5
Fashion Design 4 Pattern Drafting & Sewing Technique 5
Pattern Drafting & Sewing Technique 4  
Garment Drapping  
Presentation Techniques 2  
Industrial Placement  

*Not applicable for international students

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