Master of Business Administration in Finance and Banking

Faculty of Business Management & Globalization KPT/JPS (A7627) 09/12

MBA in the finance specialisation helps students to acquire the knowledge of financial management, advanced skills in assessing financial risks and rewards, so that you can direct organisations in ways that optimise their value and enhances their skills and business acumen. Students will study courses in areas like portfolio management, global finance, financial markets, corporate financial analysis, decision making and learn to apply financial theories to real decisions.

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Management Financial Management
Managerial Accounting Econometrics
Marketing Management Managerial Economics
Quantitative Methods for Business Bank Management
Year 2
Semester 3
Modern Security Analysis
Portfolio Management
Fund Management & Treasury Operations
Strategic Management
Project Paper
Alumni Profile
Yee Mei Yap

Yee Mei Yap

Grey Group, Senior Account Director

I think a lot of people think that advertising is a glamorous job. But the veterans will tell you that it is not the case.

Career Opportunities
  • Large and small sized industrial firms (which may be manufacturers of automobiles, steel, household appliances and electronic equipment)
  • Service-oriented firms (electric power, real estate and retail firms)
  • Financial institutions (banks, state and federally chartered savings and loan associations, and insurance companies)
  • Non-profit enterprises (universities, labor unions and foundations) and private businesses.
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