Master of Business Administration in General Management

Faculty of Business Management & Globalization JPT/BPP (N/345/7/0055) 05/16

In the fast-changing business environment today, leading organisations are demanding multi-skilled and multi-talented workforce. Individuals must equip themselves with a good level of generalisation within their respective field of specialisation. The MBA General Management is designed to enhance the students' competency to meet up with these challenges. The programme provides students with creative and innovative entrepreneurship skills they may use in their future management activities. It equips them with leading-edge management tools that they can use to increase their competitive advantage.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this programme, graduates will be able to develop an extensive and practical knowledge base of theory, tools, skills, practices, and researches related to business and apply these to the problems and opportunities that are encountered in the business environment. Through critical thinking, graduates can appraise and select innovative and creative solutions to business problems and opportunities while upholding strong ethical values and behaviours by looking at the broader role the business has in society and their own responsibilities as a member of the business community and citizens in society.

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Management Managerial Economics
Marketing Management Financial Management
Managerial Accounting Research Methodology
Quantitative Methods for Business Human Resources Management
Year 2
Semester 3
Strategic Management
Leading Organisational Change
Operational Management
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