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The Global University Campus programme is a month1 of immersive education in one of the most multicultural, advanced and vibrant cities in the world: London. The city serves as a hotbed for innovations in music, fashion, entertainment, banking, design and architecture. It also serves as the corporate headquarters for some of the world’s biggest and most well-known brands.

Students who sign up for the programme will be grouped under the Architecture, Business, and Design categories, ensuring that each trip is streamlined for your major area of interest. Eight trips are scheduled every year, with a minimum of 30 students per trip.

1 -The programme runs for approximately 23 days.

Why join the Design Stream?

London is a city vibrant and pulsating non-stop with new ideas. Here, traditional and modern design don’t just co-exist but thrive.

It is one of the top fashion capitals of the world and is home to some of the biggest designers and retail companies in the fashion industry like Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Swarovski, Paul Smith, Tom Ford, Fred Perry, Mulberry, Burberry, Marks & Spencer and Penang-born Jimmy Choo. Fashion shows and fashion contests for both amateurs and professionals are common in London.

Co-existing with the newest in fashion is the perfection of traditional crafts. The city has a rich, ongoing history of craftsmanship and design. It serves as home to a diverse number of specialist trade and craft associations known for maintaining the highest quality of standards. Furniture makers, threadmakers, hat makers, glaziers, shoemakers, fine leather workers, potters, basketmasters, metal casters, and wax candle makers are but some of the exclusive artisans found in London.

Famous industrial designers from London include James Dyson, inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner and the fan without external blades; and Jony Ive of Apple, said to be the most influential designer in modern history for revolutionising music (iPod), computers (iMac and the MacBook), and smart phones (the iPhone). Their exploits are fuelling the re-emergence of Britain’s culture of craftsmanship and elevating it to a global consciousness. British craftsmanship is often associated with quality and durability, and it endures to this day through influential artisan producers who have gained a loyal following for their work.

Students who take part in the Global University Campus programme will visit museums like the Victoria & Albert Museum and Geffrye Museum to gain a deeper insight into some of the best and most unique art, objects, and interior designs collected through the centuries. A tour of the BBC TV Studios and the Warner Bros. Studio will inspire you to be at the top of your field and gain practical knowledge on how the media and animation industries operate. You will get to attend talks and workshops by top photographers, 4D and nano-tech designers, fashion businessmen (and women), journalists and advertisers.

Ethnically-diverse and multicultural, London is a city for everyone. Creation and innovation is at its very core and students in design, fashion and media should not miss a chance to visit.


Sample Global University Campus programme outline*

Week 1: Define and Initiate
Registration and Orientation Academic Briefing Supervision Session 1 of 4 Study Skills Workshop 1 of 2 Etiquette & English Proficiency Workshop
Analysing the Assignment Brief Identifying Key Requirements Research and Data Gathering Leadership Training
Identifying Assignment Criteria and Constraints
Week 2: Plan and Frame
Presentation and Interpersonal Skills Training 1 of 3 Industry Speaker 1 of 3 Supervision Session 2 of 4 Industry Visit 1 of 3 Cultural and Creative Industry Tour
Group Consultation and Brainstorming 1 of 3 Cultural and Heritage Tour 1 of 2 Stating the Problem Data Analysis Feasibility Study
Generating Ideas
Week 3: Create and Organise
Presentation and Interpersonal Skills Training 2 of 3 Industry Speaker 2 of 3 Supervision Session 3 of 4 Industry Visit 2 of 3 External Evaluation Session
Group Consultation and Brainstorming 2 of 3 Study Skills Workshop 2 of 2 Selecting an Approach Data Analysis Personal and Professional Development Session
Building a Model or Prototype
Week 4: Implement and Communicate
Presentation and Interpersonal Skills Training 3 of 3 Industry Speaker 3 of 3 Supervision Session 4 of 4 Industry Visit 3 of 3 Final Ceremony
Group Consultation and Brainstorming 3 of 3 Cultural and Heritage Tour 2 of 2 Refining the Design and Strategy Data Application
Internal Evaluation Session Presentation of Results

*Actual programme itinerary may vary. Kindly confirm with the Global University Campus Manager for the latest outline.


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