Kuben Mahadevan

Kuben Mahadevan

Filmmaker, 2018
BA (Hons) in Digital Film and Television

"Jagat was a massive turning point in my career, and it will always remain close to my heart”

11 April 2018

Kuben Mahadevan graduated from Limkokwing University with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital, Film and Television in 2014.

Kuben has a strong passion in filmmaking and as a student at the Cyberjaya campus, he made his first ever short film entitled “Naan Thirudan” (I am a thief) in 2013.

Ever since, he’s been actively involved in the industry, and upon graduation – he took the plunge straight into the deep end.

Arguably, one of his finest onscreen performances was playing the father in the highly controversial and critically-acclaimed Malaysian Tamil feature film, Jagat.

“Jagat was a massive turning point in my career, and it will always remain close to my heart,” said Kuben

Jagat is Tamil slang for ‘jahat’ – which means bad in Malay.

This 2015 Tamil-language Malaysian crime drama was directed by Shanjhey Kumar Perumal.

Jagat won various awards at the 28th Malaysian Film Festival in 2016, including Best Picture and Best Director, and was nominated for Best Screenplay.

It tells the story of a 12 year-old boy, Appoy (Harvind Raj), growing up in a small town, tied in a strained relationship with his hardworking labourer father, Maniam (Kuben Mahadevan), who wants nothing but to see Appoy excel in studies.

His father firmly believes that education is the only way to prevent Appoy from going on a downward spiral like his two other brothers – reclusive Uncle Bala (Senthil Kumaran Muniandy) and the jobless Mexico (Jibrail Rajhula).

Its a dark movie overall, with strong visuals showing the fate of the Indian community in Malaysia back in the wild 1990’s.

Each scene manages to sustain intrigue, while also serving as a meticulous set-up for what is about to happen next.

If you haven’t already, be sure to catch Kuben in Jagat

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