Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Randy Siswanto

Randy Siswanto

Content Manager, 2017
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Professional Communication

“Be passionate and keep experimenting. There is only learning in the process of life.”

12 April 2017

Football content manager Randy Siswanto believes that to be successful in his line of work one has to be dedicated, patient, think critically and be creative.

“My passion in sports began when I was a kid. I have an interest in different kinds of sports, but football is on top of my list. I remember I got two medals when I was 18 years old at a football and martial arts competition.”

Born in Jarkata, Randy migrated to Malaysia and joined Limkokwing University where he did a Diploma in Multimedia, Advertising and Broadcasting. He continued with a major in Professional Commnunication and graduated in 2009.

“I am currently working at a football company called ‘90min’ in the Philippines. On a daily basis I publish articles on their website, update the company’s social media, also create creative quizzes and videos.”

He also said he takes part in brainstorming sessions, brand campaigns and also edits various company videos.

The 31 year old prides himself in being original with the news he produces. Through a video he created he beat the target for the number of viewers from the first client, which boosted the company’s image.

“I’m working on a brand campaign for DreamWorks Pictures at the moment, and my next project is SEA Games 2017 this August at Kuala Lumpur.”

Randy mentioned that he possesses sharp skills which he attributed to his time studying in Limkokwing University.

“During my studies at Limkokwing I acquired creative skills, professional writing skills and the know-how into coming up with the best advertising campaigns; which are all important values in being able to deliver at my work.”

“The University offers an international platform where students experience and learn from many cultures. In the classroom there are various solutions to the concepts we are taught and this makes students think outside the box.”

For Randy, success is taking failure as a learning curve. “Be passionate and keep experimenting. There is only learning in the process of life.”

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