Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Ravyn Manogaran

Ravyn Manogaran

Cinematographer, 2018
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Digital Film & Television

"I remember my hands shivering while shooting that scene but I remained calm and composed"

11 April 2018

Often escaping the limelight, but what are movies without them?

The role of Director of Photography (DP) may not be as glamourous as lead actor, but the mark of a talented DP can be just as impactful, and in some cases, even overshadowing the cast.

Ravyn Manogaran, who graduated from Limkokwing University with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital, Film and Television in 2014, was the DP on the first ever Malaysian Tamil slasher flick, En Veetu Thottathil (The Farm).

Talk about making a bold statement!

‘The Farm’ has all the gore you could ever want (at least by Malaysian movie standards).

The film centres on a deaf-mute girl (Jaya Ganason), who gets kidnapped and trapped in a farmhouse by a masked serial killer disguised as a wolf (Red Riding Hood?).

One interesting point, the film only consists of 30% dialogue, while the rest is all action - making the DP’s job twice as hard.

Ravyn shared one of the most challenging moment during the shoot – when a scene required him to take a close-up shot of a terrifying 3 meter long cobra!

“I remember my hands shivering while shooting that scene but I remained calm and composed,” said Ravyn.

The cast was a mix of both new and old, including Jaya Ganason, K.S. Maniam, Mahesan Poobalan and Mohana Raja.

En Vettu Thottahil bagged the Best Film Gold Award at Yellow Fever Indie Film Festival 2017 in Belfast City, Northen Ireland.

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