Ableton – Revolutionising the music industry

15 October 2018

Ableton – Revolutionising the music industry

Ableton is a Berlin-based music software company that produces and distributes the production and performance program Ableton Live and a collection of related instruments and sample libraries, as well as their own hardware controller, Ableton Push.

Ableton conducted a master class at the Cyberjaya campus on 10 October 2018 as part of their University Tour at various campuses across the world, with students taking part in workshops and performances.

Ableton is a unique software and hardware for music creation and performance as it is widely used as a medium to modernise the trend for modern-day music and to create amazing things in the music world.

Founded in 1999, the first version of Live was released in in 2001 and its products are today used by a loyal community of top musicians, sound designers, and artists from across the world.

There are more than 270 personnel from 30 different countries divided between the headquarters in Berlin and offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Ableton believes that focus is key to creating truly outstanding instruments and that quality is always a priority compared to quantity.

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