Limkokwing Students Showcase the Art-beat of Fashion Creativity @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Limkokwing Students Showcase the Art-beat of Fashion Creativity

17 October 2022

  • Limkokwing Students Showcase the Art-beat of Fashion Creativity
  • Limkokwing Students Showcase the Art-beat of Fashion Creativity
  • Limkokwing Students Showcase the Art-beat of Fashion Creativity

The popular Glo Damansara Mall came alive when the students from the Limkokwing Faculty of Creative Art & Lifestyles took to the catwalk to show off their creative designs, talents and showmanship. Throughout, there was no stopping our students as they won applause from the weekend crowds at the CIMB WowWeek Fashion Week.

The glistening fashion parade turned out to be yet another rousing performance. From start to finish, it was a clash of colours, moods, and lights fusing in creative synchrony. As usual, Limkokwing left the audience in a gaping wonder when our students did their stuff at the Art-to-Wear Students Fashion Showcase segment. Indeed, long after the fashion fiesta ended, the applause and whistles still rang in the ears pulsating everyone’s heart to beat wildly on its own!

Limkokwing University was specially invited by the organiser CIMB to the fashion week along with Taylor’s University, SAITO University College and Universiti Teknologi MARA. The objective was to put “our future fashion designers in the spotlight” and to give our young talents more avenues to nurture, exhibit and flourish their creativity as tomorrow’s fashion designers and artistic innovators.

“As a fashion student, I chose to design my garments with contemporary art embellishments. I got my inspiration from Dato’ Sharifah Fatimah Syed Zubir’s classic piece, ‘Joyous Light 9’. I chose it because it exuded much vibrancy, liveness and energy, the very elements I wanted my works to resonate with for the CIMB Artober Fashion Week.  I was simply awed by the daring colours, strokes and textures that breathed new ‘life’ into my creations. You know what? I had only two weeks to come up with my designs, but with En Maarof’s encouragement, it turned out to be a great experience for me!”  Nabila binti Mohammad Ezan, BA (Hons) in Fashion Design.

It was indeed a “great experience” for Limkokwing students from the Faculty of Creative Arts & Lifestyles all of whom gave their hearts to bring out the best of their creative genius at the fashion extravaganza and, most importantly, the life-changing opportunity to showcase their unique creations and showmanship. The students were elated by the exposure, adulation and appreciation heaped upon them as the evening wore on.

“It was an opportunity of a lifetime to showcase my garments at the prestigious Art-to-Wear Fashion Show at Glo Damansara Mall. I was thrilled! I got to work with design ideas, research and fabric-hunting sprees. Then the real thing, creating the garment pieces. It was hectic but I drew my inspiration from Suzlee Ibrahim’s magnificent painting, ‘Summer in Brande.’ It wasn’t easy capturing his creative emotions oozing with unique strokes, bold colours and exciting depths in my garment creations. I finally did it, anyway. Wow! I felt truly liberated, spontaneous and enthusiastic, which personifies me as a person. And, oh, yes, I couldn’t have done it without guidance from my lecturers too!” Irene Teo Hui Ling, Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design

With the pandemic almost a thing of the past and international borders wide open, we can expect more ‘creative explosions’ from our global students when they join us in time for next year’s fashion shows. The public, fashion enthusiasts and the fashion industry can expect more bursts of creative energy when Limkokwing students and graduates strut the walkways.

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