Coining Success with Award Winner Yong Wen Xia

30 August 2016

Coining Success with Award Winner Yong Wen Xia

Yong Wen Xia, a Malaysian student pursing Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Professional Design (Visual Communication), won first place in a coin design competition hosted by Bank Negara on 9 May.

Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) recently organised a design competition for three different commemorative coins to be issued in 2016. Open to all private and public institutions, the commemorative coins represented the 50 years of development and growth with FELCRA (Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority) Berhad.

FELCRA Berhad was established in 1966 to develop rural sectors by helping communities to improve living standards through participation in national economic activities. A Malaysian Government owned company, the corporation is diversifying its managements and core activities from plantation into industrial, service sector and other growing business areas.

For the competition, she designed her coin to feature green elements that reflects the balance between FELCRA’s progress and its concern for the environment.

She used nature as her inspiration while incorporating advancement and progress together with the importance of environmental balance.

“My design demonstrates FELCRA’s core activities of rural land development and planation over the last 50 years,” she said. “The coin shows it paves the way for the future.” 

She credits that Limkokwing University’s multicultural learning environment stimulated her mind to develop her creativity and pursue her ambition.

“Art and design has always been my passion, so it was natural for me to take graphic design,” she said.

“The University stands apart because it racially diverse,” she added. “Here you get to interact with people from different countries.” 

She also said that the coin competition enabled her to meet designers from various universities and professional agencies. This allowed her to gain more experience and networking opportunities.

“Everyone is going to graduate with a degree,” she advised. “The only way to stand out is to be recognised for your achievements.”

“By designing this coin, it will make me stand out when I graduate,” she added.

She also advised that exposure through participation with various competitions, students could develop network opportunities, gain job experience and recognition for their achievements to become more successful.

Limkokwing University encourages students to engage in contests, events and exhibitions. This enables students to gain a competitive advantage in a multicultural and globalised industry. 


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