Design grad Unggul Reynawa aims to revamp signage at Jakarta’s main airport

14 August 2018

Design grad Unggul Reynawa aims to revamp signage at Jakarta’s main airport

Unggul Reynawa of Indonesia named his Professional Design final project “Refined Wayfinding System for Soekarno-Hatta Airport” – a revamped digital signage system that will ensure you will never get lost at the world’s 18th busiest airport.

The project was aimed at fixing a problem he believes Jakarta’s main airport is currently facing, which is a wayfinding system that is not the most effective at making the huge and busy complex easy to navigate.

“I am trying to tackle the problem about the clarity of information and I have to say, the signages and digital wayfinding in this airport is not great,” said Unggul, who graduated from Limkokwing in July 2018.

He said people still find themselves getting lost as some aspects of the current wayfinding system can be misleading, due to many factors like typeface, choice of colour, and shape.

“What I am trying to do is to make the wayfinding system better and functional and I also strongly believe that industry has its’ own way to bend market to every direction,” said Unggul.


Unggul was inspired by his own experiences while travelling, as he had trouble finding his way around the airport.

One of the toughest challenges that he faced was understanding the connection between how certain placement of signs and colors can really affect people, in terms of spatial awareness.

“I did extensive research on this subject which helped me further understand the entire process of coming up with the best design,” said Unggul.

He urged aspiring students at Limkokwing to always aim for the stars, but to also keep their feet on the ground.

“I learned that following the process is really important, and most importantly, to be responsible for my own thinking,” he said, of his time spent at Limkokwing.

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