Gabriella Razafintsalama from Madagascar

8 August 2017

Gabriella Razafintsalama from Madagascar

Gabriella Razafintsalama hails from Madagascar which is the fourth largest island in the world. The island is famous for its exotic animals and magnificent landscapes.

Before coming to Malaysia, Gabriella stayed in Zambia for five years with her family. “One day I saw an advertisement about studying in Malaysia, so I gave it a try and applied to another university.”

She mentioned that the university she enrolled at before was not suitable for her. “I then transferred to Limkokwing University under Master of Business Administration in Project Management.”

Beneficial Learning Environment

For Gabriella, the University provides an excellent ambience for learning, because it has full-fledged amenities. “I like the energy on campus, we learn through every activity carried out here.”

“Lecturers also play a huge role in making sure students learn and understand concepts. They really go the extra mile to ensure we understand what we are taught fully.”

Cultural Connection & Final Project Ideas

“Coming to Limkokwing University made me feel really connected to my roots because I met other French speaking cultures here. For example, I have friends from Senegal whom I’m able to communicate with in my native language. I also get to explore and learn about various cultures.”

Gabriella said she is confident that the skills she learns at Limkokwing will enable her to come up with ideas on how to improve the living conditions of her country.

“My final project will be mainly about improving the social life in Madagascar. I want to do a project that can help better Madagascar in terms of economy and skills.”

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