Industry Talk by Irene Dima: “Blockchain is the next big thing for transforming business operations”

18 September 2018

Industry Talk by Irene Dima: “Blockchain is the next big thing for transforming business operations”

Irene Dima, the Director of iBusiness Council (IIB), gave Limkokwing University students an in-depth understanding of Blockchain technology and its opportunities during an industry talk on 29 August 2018 at the Hall of Fame.

As a company that is dedicated to developing Business Technology programmes for corporate growth and transformation, IIB is actively embarking on Blockchain technology because not only is it the next big thing for cyber security but also for improving business operations.

Outlining key skills needed to pursue a career in Blockchain during her session at the industry talk, Dima said one has to have basic command of at least one core programming language such as C++, PYTHON or JAVA/JAVA Script.

“If one knows any command language they can successfully kickstart a career in blockchain and of course they need to maximize their skills by obtaining and understanding how to develop, implement and strategise.”

Dima highlighted that it is imperative for students to know industry requirements.

“While universities provides the foundation of a particular field, at the end of the day the industry requires skills that are more practical and more in line with the job role, sometimes the job role is completely linked and associated with specific tasks which help organisations to perform better, these skills are obtained through the exposure to real life cases and scenarios that are outside a simulated environment that perhaps is construed within the University.”

In commending Limkokwing University for engaging its students with hands-on training she said, “I’m quite impressed that’s students here are required to practice and create valuable work, whether it in the faculty of business, IT or any other, I could see students have a real world experience through their projects.”

Her advice to Limkokwing students: “In the future, job roles will be facilitated by technology and AI, repeated tasks will be replaced, so one is going to have to be creative, innovative and resourceful and these are skills that humans still have the upper hand on, so the main key to success for the future is thinking outside the box.”

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