Limkokwing – A Lim in a League of His Own

7 February 2019

Limkokwing – A Lim in a League of His Own

The Lim clan in Malaysia has seen some famous names achieve great things in various fields over the years.

Many influential individuals from the clan have been bestowed with the title of Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk Seri, and Datuk – all for their respective contributions towards helping make Malaysia the growing success it is today.

Among all the Lims, one stands out prominently by single-handedly bringing about much-needed change to the country’s antiquated, post-colonial education system.

It is thanks to his life’s work that continues on to this very day, that countless individuals from all over the world have had the privilege to be exposed to a unique form of education with emphasis on creativity and innovation.

He is none other than Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr. Limkokwing, the Founder and President of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology – The World’s Most Global University.

Father of Innovation in Creative Education

Tan Sri Limkokwing was only 29 when he first started Wings Creativitiy Consultants in 1975, one of the first local creative agencies in the country.

While his success in that field is well-known and documented, the Limkokwing brand today is better known around the globe as an internationally-recognised, award-winning tertiary education services provider.

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping tomorrow’s generation and early on, Tan Sri Limkokwing had the vision to shape a better future for the world, by shaping young individuals more effectively in an environment of creativity and innovation.

Some 30,000 students from 165 countries bear witness to this fact, sitting in classrooms and industry workshops at Limkokwing campuses across Asia, Africa and Europe.

This is why he is officially recognized as the Father of Innovation in Creative Education for both Malaysia and the region.

A Lim unlike any other

Both Tan Sri Limkokwing and the University that bears his name have received awards from around the world, in recognition for unparalleled excellence, quality and contribution towards transformational change.

In total, there are over 730 prestigious awards, honours and recognitions from both industry, governments and NGOs across five continents.

Another recognition to add to this prestigious list of accolades, and certainly a proud moment for Tan Sri Limkokwing on a more personal level, is that he has been recognized officially as the first Lim to have founded a Global University.

This official recognition was presented to him by the Federation of Malaysia Lim Associations, at the Limkokwing University campus in Cyberjaya on 6 February, 2018.

“It feels like a different world here, and it is definitely a proud moment to witness a Lim as the founder of such a globalised study and work environment,” said Chinese Chamber of Commerce Batu Pahat VP, Lim Kian Choo, who was part of the Federation entourage.

It is the second such title bestowed upon Tan Sri Limkokwing, following the recognition he received from the Federation, for the World’s First University Founded by a Lim, on 24 May, 2010.

The Limkokwing Vision

Tan Sri Limkokwing is many things to many different people – depending on who you ask.

What is undeniable is that he is a master educationist, communications guru and a global mentor who has changed lives across the world, and it is his sincere hope that those he has helped, will pass on the gift of their knowledge and experience to others.

Tan Sri Limkokwing had the vision to see a need where none previously existed.

This was coupled with a passion to do something that had never been done, which was to reshape the very concept of education to fit the needs of today’s modern world.

“You spend time to get the right mind-set in place, change the thinking of people, reduce the resistance, pre-empt the questions and at the same time keep pushing forward and keep implementing so that people can see how you translate an idea into reality and how you bring into existence something that was never there before,” said Tan Sri Limkokwing.

“You will need a lot of determination to do what has never been done before.”

His revolutionary vision of education has been an inspiration to other tertiary institutions, emulated by established universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

He also proved that the concept of mobility education is effective in preparing young people to face the challenges of a globalized world, with the introduction of the Limkokwing Global Classroom.

Today, as the next phase of the unique Limkokwing brand of education unfolds across campuses around the world, changing the lives of young people and sparking change in developing nations, we await what is next to come from the one and only Tan Sri Limkokwing.

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