‘Limkokwing captures the sweet point in design’

14 March 2018

  • ‘Limkokwing captures the sweet point in design’
  • ‘Limkokwing captures the sweet point in design’
  • ‘Limkokwing captures the sweet point in design’
  • ‘Limkokwing captures the sweet point in design’
  • ‘Limkokwing captures the sweet point in design’
  • ‘Limkokwing captures the sweet point in design’

Fong Say Kiat is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Professional Design (Visual Communication) programme at Limkokwing University in Cyberjaya.

Fong, a gifted individual with multiple talents, sees design as a tool of progression.

“Right after my secondary school studies, I was keen to enrol into a University that had very good design background, and that was when I came across the alumni stories on the Limkokwing website which visually awestruck me,” he said.

Unique learning

Fong said Limkokwing University’s practical and conceptual learning influenced him to pursue his studies here.

“The sweet spot in design and the balance of both worlds were the factors that influenced my decision to join this University,” said Fong.

Fong was as a part-time video and photographer under Limkokwing Fashion Community, working closely with the Talent Development on social media posts for Limkokwing’s Cultural Festival 2017.

“I was in charge of taking photos of fashion shows (Fashion Thursday), which in a way allowed me to learn how photographers actually work,” he said.

Door to success

His passion for design has led Fong to grow his many other talents.

“I wanted to explain my passion for design in various platforms, how I had an eye for writing, videography and filmmaking,” said Fong.

Fong has a website and a blog, both of which he sees as a marketing tool for his future career.

He showcases all of his works, as well as on-going projects.

“Learning design at Limkokwing University is so much fun as I got learn important concepts such as importance of story-telling,” shared a delightful Fong.

In order to be a successful blogger, Fong said the fundamental step is to be bold enough to write what strikes the mind at that very moment.

“It is all about immediate thoughts running in the mind and having the ability to transform it into words, “ said Fong.

He also said that reading is one way of improving blogging skills.


“Limkokwing has a very good vision of preparing students for the real world as the campus very often organises industry talks, exhibitions and the untiring efforts in bringing in influential people from the many industries with a purposeful mind of educating and exposing the students,” said Fong.

“I became more comfortable with people around me and socialised better and became extra sensitive of the many traditions and cultures in this campus,” he said.

“After graduation, I plan to focus on graphic designing and learn up all the possible skills and techniques to master in it,” said Fong.

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