Zamaera: A Voice of Independence and Empowerment @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Zamaera: A Voice of Independence and Empowerment

20 November 2023

  • Zamaera: A Voice of Independence and Empowerment
  • Zamaera: A Voice of Independence and Empowerment
  • Zamaera: A Voice of Independence and Empowerment
  • Zamaera: A Voice of Independence and Empowerment
  • Zamaera: A Voice of Independence and Empowerment

Recently, as part of the monthly Limkokwing Creativity Series, Limkokwing University hosted an insightful talk by the rapper and entrepreneur Zamaera. Her candid discussion provided a deeper understanding of her journey and the evolving music industry.

Zamaera, a prominent figure in the Malaysian music scene, rose to fame with her hit “Helly Kelly.” Known for her unique blend of rap, R&B, and hip-hop, she has a flair for writing that began in childhood. Her powerful anthem, “Wanita”, highlights her commitment to women’s empowerment. Influenced by icons like Tupac and Beyonce, Zamaera’s music transcends boundaries, earning her recognition in competitions and collaborations with well-known artists. As a female rapper, she’s a pioneering force, reshaping the landscape of Malaysian hip-hop.

Zamaera’s transition to independence was a significant career move. “Being independent, the challenges really come in a multitude of layers,” she explained. She emphasised the need to wear multiple hats, from musician to entrepreneur. Learning to delegate and trust her team was a pivotal challenge. “Letting go of doing everything was one of the biggest challenges for me,” Zamaera shared, reflecting on her growth.

Discussing the industry’s evolution, Zamaera highlighted the benefits for independent artists in today’s digital landscape. “You no longer need a label to succeed,” she stated. She advised aspiring artists to leverage social media, emphasizing consistency in content creation alongside music. “The return of investment on a music video ain’t high no more,” she remarked, underscoring the shift in promotional strategies.

The collaboration between Zamaera and Limkokwing University has been fruitful. She recounted hiring student dancers from the university and the support she received, such as using the auditorium for the music video of her single, “Dulu”. This partnership extends to her upcoming Queendom Fest, an all-female music festival. “It’s Malaysia’s very first,” she proudly announced, highlighting the event’s focus on female talent and entrepreneurship.

Zamaera applauded Limkokwing University for connecting students with professionals across various industries. “Having these direct conversations and getting more on-ground experience is crucial,” she asserted, recognizing the university’s contribution to shaping future creative professionals.

In her talk, Zamaera shared her experiences as an independent artist and shed light on the importance of educational institutions in nurturing creative talent. Her journey is a beacon of inspiration, showing that with determination and adaptability, one can navigate the complexities of the music industry and emerge triumphant.

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