“Limkokwing offers the best creative programmes”

3 April 2019

  • “Limkokwing offers the best creative programmes”
  • “Limkokwing offers the best creative programmes”
  • “Limkokwing offers the best creative programmes”
  • “Limkokwing offers the best creative programmes”

Nigeria’s Defense Adviser/Air Commodore to Malaysia Mr. Abu Bakar Abdul Kadir visited Limkokwing University's flagship campus on 22 March 2019.

The purpose of his visit was to discuss collaboration opportunities with the University and further strengthen ties between Malaysia and Nigeria. For Mr. Abu Bakar, collaborating with Limkokwing could bring positive impact for the benefit of students and both countries.

During the extensive campus tour by University staff, he visited Limkokwing Plaza, where most facilities are located, such as the Limkokwing Fashion Club, Headlines Lifestyle Design Salon, Wings Café, Wellness Center, Wing Art & Print Shop, and 10-Ten convenience store. He also visited the Centre for Content Creation (CCC) office, library and the computer labs.

Guests were also briefed on major projects produced by the University such as Starfall Catalyst; a game-based learning mobile app developed on campus, and the PanaXity Panoramic Digitisation platform.

Starfall Catalyst is a first-of-its-kind ‘third-person shooter’ game that teaches fascinating chemistry concepts.

Meanwhile, Panixity is an award-winning platform which features the world’s largest panoramic image – a stunning, seamless 360° image of Kuala Lumpur. Created from more than 31,000 individual images with a total resolution of 846 gigapixels, it currently holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest Panoramic Image in the World.

Giving his feedback after the tour, Mr. Abu Bakar applauded Limkokwing for its top-notch facilities and curriculum.

“I think Limkokwing University is the best University here in Malaysia. It is the only University which offers the best creative programmes and students like this University so much. It is very impressive,” he said.

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