Limkokwing to be first university in ASEAN to offer Certified Drone Training

11 October 2017

Limkokwing to be first university in ASEAN to offer Certified Drone Training

Limkokwing University is set to become the first university in Southeast Asia to introduce Applied Unmanned Technology Qualification as part of its educational modules.

The University has entered into a global strategic partnership with UK-based Strat Aero Plc, a leading provider of commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training, to offer a two-week course beginning February 2018.

The programme is accredited by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority, and will cover basic aerodynamic principles, technical specifications, operation procedures and air law.

Once simply seen as recreational toys, drones have quickly evolved over the past few years into professional data-gathering platforms.

“Every industry will benefit from learning this technology,” said Mark Wharry, Director of Training at Strat Aero, in a recent visit to the Cyberjaya campus. “The application can be used for flood defence, agriculture monitoring, geological surveying and filming.”

He said drones have become game-changers across many different fields, including traffic control, wildlife protection and even humanitarian aid.

According to Mark, the certified training will enable Limkokwing University students to improve their employment competitiveness by enhancing their industry-relevant professional skills.

The programme will be offered to students under the Faulty of Architecture & The Built Environment, Faculty of Design Innovation, Faculty of Information & Communication Technology, as well as the Faculty of Multimedia Creativity.

The first two-week training session with Strat Aero was concluded on 28 September. Trainees were taught to understand Principles of Flight, Flight Safety and Human Factors in piloting an aerial drone. After completing the training session, trainees had to undergo flying exercises before taking a written exam. 

The program will also be made available at Limkokwing University campuses in Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.

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