Mahesh Naiker: Pushing Digital Frontiers @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Mahesh Naiker: Pushing Digital Frontiers

25 June 2024

Mahesh Naiker: Pushing Digital Frontiers

Mahesh Naiker has taken his experiences, gained while studying for his Animation degree at Limkokwing University, to an extraordinary level. He has carved a niche for himself in the rapidly evolving field of experiential design as an Extended Reality (XR) Producer with the Experiential Design Team (EDT).

XR is an umbrella term that covers Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). The technology mirrors the physical world with a “digital twin world” to enable interaction, giving users an immersive experience by being in a virtual or augmented environment.

Mahesh’s role at EDT is to push technological boundaries to boost human experiences. “Our mission is to use technology safely and ethically, enhancing human experiences without overstepping moral boundaries,” he adds.

In addition to his work at EDT, Mahesh is part of the Filamen Art Collective which creates innovative digital artworks. “If it’s digital, then it’s just a TV. But how do we make that take up more space on the wall?” he asks, describing Filamen’s mission to reimagine how digital art is displayed.

In his professional work and personal projects, Mahesh aims “to make people feel comfortable around technology, especially that which is upcoming.” He sees great potential in using technology like AI not just for profit, but to enhance human creativity and wellbeing through ethical applications.

His forward-thinking approach was shaped by his time at Limkokwing University. “At Limkokwing they teach you about the outside world,” says Mahesh. His pursuit of Limkokwing University’s Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Animation, played a crucial role in his current professional progress. Though his day-to-day work has shifted from direct animation, the principles he learned remain applicable. “The course in animation equipped me with a project management skill set that is vital across various production stages, regardless of the medium,” he adds.

As a student, he served as council president which solidified his project and time management skills, preparing him for the complexities of the professional world. In this role, he worked directly with Limkokwing University’s Chief Brand Officer Dato’ Tiffanee Lim. “Handling multiple university events under Dato’ Tiffanee’s guidance provided a solid base in project management, making the transition to professional life smoother,” Mahesh reflects.

That solid grounding has enabled Mahesh to take on major exhibitions and festivals. Throughout his career, Mahesh has been part of several prominent projects such as the KL Illustration Fair and the Georgetown Festival. These experiences expanded his professional network and cemented his reputation as a creative leader. He’s been a creative director for Immersive Shows and has launched his digital art exhibitions as a resident artist. “Being involved in Malaysia’s first-ever illustration fair was a highlight. It’s rewarding to transform professional idols into personal friends through such collaborations,” he says.

Despite the inevitable challenges that arise in his field, Mahesh views these as opportunities rather than setbacks. “The real challenge is in assembling the right team for each project. It’s essential for everyone to be on the same page to avoid a counter-productive work environment,” he explains. His approach focuses on leveraging diverse perspectives within teams to enhance project outcomes, emphasising the importance of collaborative problem-solving. Upcoming projects include curating for events like the Port Ipoh International Art Festival and an innovative virtual reality experience. “It’s a guided meditation in VR,” Mahesh describes, “so it takes away where people have to go to therapy every single time.”

His advice for aspiring artists and technologists? “If you have a dream, just push forward with the right people and you will achieve the thing that you always wanted to achieve.”

With his innovative spirit, strategic thinking, and perseverance, Mahesh Naiker shows how immersive technology can bring more voices and perspectives to the forefront while moving digital art in thrilling new directions. Mahesh continues to leverage his foundation in animation and his experiences at Limkokwing University to advance in experiential design. His story is about personal success and influencing the next generation of creatives to innovate responsibly and ethically. Through his work, Mahesh demonstrates that a solid educational background can be a powerful tool in achieving career aspirations and impacting the industry.

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