Meet Keisuke Hidaka

6 March 2017

Meet Keisuke Hidaka

A tenacious and hardworking person who strives hard to achieve his goals, Keisuke Hidaka came to Malaysia to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture after completing his school studies in Japan.

“If I had gone to a Japanese University, maybe I would have led a normal Japanese life,” he said. “But when I came to Malaysia, my life became really different from other Japanese.”

Choosing Interior Architecture

“I chose Interior architecture, because I liked to design,” he said. “I like to draw designs and it was my dream.”

Before he came to Malaysia he only interacted with other Japanese. For him, the University’s multicultural environment enabled him to expand his understanding of various cultures and ideas.

“At Limkokwing University, I met a lot of foreigners from other countries,” he added. “I made a lot of friends from Africa and the Middle East.”

Improving Communication Skills

“Back in my home country I spoke only Japanese,” he said. “Now I learned to speak English every day.”

“Meeting people from other parts of the world is very good for me,” he added. “I learn about different cultures and languages.”

Keisuke explained that in addition to English, he also learned to communicate in Chinese and Malay.

“I have talked and worked with people from different countries,” he said. “I can communicate better with people because of the constant practise.”

Practical Learning Environment

He describes Limkokwing University’s learning environment as interesting and challenging.

“At first, I did not know how to draw” he said. “I learned from trial and error.”

However, the University’s practical learning approach helped him to study interior architecture with greater depth.

He explained that the lessons in his class involved various projects and assignments which covered various aspects of interior design.

Keisuke learned through trial and error, and even had to redo one assignment five times.

Recent Projects

His most prominent project was to design a student accommodation with the emphasis of an efficient living space.

Keisuke chose a concept that focuses on efficient use of space by designing a living space that is compact and comfortable.

He had to ensure maximum comfort by including tables, chairs and furniture that could be placed easily for the resident.

At the same time he helped to design a room whereby the students could enjoy their entertainment systems without disturbing their neighbours.

Keisuke also had to study floorplans and design models to ensure that the students could live in a space that meets all their requirements.

Other Projects

He also recently joined the MIID Dulux Interior Designs Students’ Saturday Competition where he and his group took part in a music and masquerade performance.

Plans for the Future

Keisuke hopes to be able to expand his knowledge with other countries culture and people.

“I hope to go to England in the future and work as an interior architect in various countries,” he said.

“By then, I hope to be fluent in four languages, namely Japanese, English, Chinese and Malay.”

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