Meet Nick Robert Cornelissen

15 July 2017

Meet Nick Robert Cornelissen

Nick Robert Cornelissen came to Malaysia as a part of a student exchange programme at Limkokwing University which enabled him to pursue a course that combines aspects of Bachelor of Industrial Design and Bachelor of Professional Design.

Back in his home country, Netherlands, he studied Engineering, Design & Innovation at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, before participating in the programme to help him expand his cultural awareness.

Tremendous Opportunity

Through an agency in the Netherlands, Nick was presented with the chance to further his studies in the US, Europe, and Asia.

“I also wanted to become more creative with the engineering part,” he said. “I think Limkokwing is a good place to become more creative.”

He explained that the University presented him with the opportunity to choose several subjects and combine them into a programme that would fulfil his requirements.

“Limkokwing was also the best option due to the high rate of international students available,” he added.

Inspiring Efforts

Nick credits the University’s educators for motivating students like him to give their very best effort.

“The lecturers were able to motivate me more than I thought possible,” he said. “They showed me their own work and how to achieve the same results.”

For Nick, it was very inspiring.

“It gives you the motivation to do your work and what you want to do,” he added.

Developing Skills

During his three-month study at the University, Nick was already learning to utilise his creative skills.

One of his projects was a photography assignment that taught him the use of double exposure and image manipulation.

“It was really good, because it was the culmination of using Photoshop in a good way,” he said. “This required me to think about both of them and enabled me to become more creative.”

The second one was an industrial design project where he had to create furniture using wooden pallets.

It has enabled Nick to develop his communication skills, teamwork abilities, and problem solving skills.

Multicultural Network

“Here at Limkokwing University, I got to know people from other countries,” he said while adding that he has made friends from Africa, Malaysia, and America.

“I got to learn more about their culture and their habits,” he added.

This exposure enabled him to grow as a person and change his mindset.

“I didn’t know a lot of things about people until now,” Nick said. “I think I know myself better too.”

Plans for the Future

Nick’s experience at the University has encouraged him to learn more about the world.

“I will travel more to better understand people,” he said. “I will learn about their lifestyle before I go back to the Netherlands.”

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