Meet Yesha Bhargav Bhatt

4 March 2017

Meet Yesha Bhargav Bhatt

A person who loves to express herself, Yesha Bhargav Bhatt came from India to pursue her studies in Bachelor of Hons in Broadcasting and Journalism.

She considers herself as a rebel who also loves writing poetry and hosting events. As the recently elected` Student Ambassador for India, she loves freedom of expression and talking to people.

“I loved writing and hosting,” she said. “When it came to hosting or emceeing events, I loved to be upfront.”

Pursuing Journalism

“Journalism is a very broad subject,” she explained. “You have to write articles on politics, business, share markets and more.”

This means she always has to use every opportunity to broaden her mind by strengthening her general knowledge. She also explained that being a journalist meant keeping a broader view of the world while having a passion for learning about everything around them.

“As journalists, we have to write articles on everything,” she added.

Choosing Limkokwing University

She picked Limkokwing University because it has more people from different countries.

“I chose Limkokwing because it was a place where I could express myself,” she said while adding that she also likes being around people who enjoy keeping an open mind when experiencing different cultures.

“I love knowing about other cultures,” she said. “I like to learn how other people live their lives.”

Yesha explained that she relishes the chance to be able to live in different cultures and experience their livelihood. Her interest means that she will take the effort to understand those cultures with greater depth.

“That is how you can really grow,” she said. “When you sit with people and talk to them, you get to learn more about their culture.”

Industry Focused Projects

According to her, journalism is a course that could only be learned from hands-on experiences.

“Learning and going out is a different thing,” she added. “When I go out into the industry, I need to learn skills which would help me to excel in the industry.”

At Limkokwing University, she participated in several publication based projects. These include photoshoots, magazines, talk shows and news production.

Multi-Skill Approach

“Being multi-skilled will help you a lot when you are in the industry,” she explained while adding that Limkokwing University’s industry exposed learning approach enables her to develop her personal as well as professional skills.

Yesha’s student project, 50-page lifestyle magazine that focuses on pregnancies, encouraged her and her team to learn to conduct interviews with professionals such as doctors and other medical practitioners.

“We gained a lot of experience by working with several people and learned more by going out to conduct interviews,” she said about compiling research materials to support their publication.

She also explained that everyone had to play various roles during the project to familiarise themselves with their duties. This approach helped students to improve their skills in writing, interviewing and research.

“Everyone had to rotate so they could learn different roles,” she said. “We even had discussions in class to help each other learn better.”

Networking Development

Yesha explained that when conducting assignments and event coverage, students have to interact with experts from various professional fields.

“Whenever we are doing our assignments, or event coverage, we would have to talk to professionals to create our stories,” she said. “From that, we begin to make contacts in the industry.”

She explained further that by establishing networking contacts with other industry professionals, it enables students to expand their resources to generate newsworthy articles.

At the same time, she also credited the University by helping students to establish a platform whereby they could reach industry experts while increasing their competitiveness.

Plans for the future

Yesha hopes to return to India after completing her studies and gain more work experience.

After she has gained enough experience, she hopes to be able to explore other opportunities in the media industry such as public relations, corporate communications or advertising.

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