Ronny Tyler Charles Lyimo from Tanzania

18 April 2017

Ronny Tyler Charles Lyimo from Tanzania

Ronny Charles from Tanzania first came to Malaysia in 2015 to search for the best university he could pursue his tertiary education at.

“One other reason why I chose to come to Asia was because my father studied in Malaysia before. My search for universities landed me at Limkokwing University.”

Ronny said Limkokwing stood out for him, because it is industry focused and has a vibrant multicultural environment. “The University is definitely a place where I would execute and ready myself for a career I would like to achieve.”

The World in One Place

Before Ronny joined Limkokwing University, he acknowledged that there were many things he was unaware of.

“Being on campus is like having pieces of the world in one place. You learn Arabic, you meet people from South America, you see outfits from China, and you hear songs from India. It’s a mishmash of things that are constantly making the place more entertaining and exciting to be and learn in.”

Unparalleled Studying Experience

For Ronny, studying is not only about what happens in class, but also about what happens outside of class.

“Not only have I gained the skills to guide me through the career I chose, but skills that would make me a highly employable person in a versatile, diverse and changing industry.”

Currently Ronny is a student ambassador and an integral part of planning many University events.

“I take part in planning events, for example, the annual cultural festival is something I’m proud to be part of. At first, I never thought I would be able to plan events, it is an unexpected skill I gained since coming here.”

Innovative Construction Management

“Studying construction management in Limkokwing is very exciting. We learn about new and upcoming methods of construction. The teaching style connects us to the industry and this enables us to see what is currently happening in the industry.”

He said the University’s innovative way of teaching not only makes students become pioneers in new technologies in their respective countries, but also keeps them on the fast track of a developing and advancing world.

“The University has a very strategic location for students who want to study construction management. Cyberjaya is a growing city, one just has to look outside their apartment to see newly developing construction sites which they can learn from.”

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