Spanish Zuk Dance Workshop

12 September 2017

  • Spanish Zuk Dance Workshop
  • Spanish Zuk Dance Workshop
  • Spanish Zuk Dance Workshop
  • Spanish Zuk Dance Workshop
  • Spanish Zuk Dance Workshop
  • Spanish Zuk Dance Workshop

Students had a taste of Spanish culture during the Spanish Zuk Dance Workshop that was held at the Limkokwing University Cyberjaya campus on 6 September 2017.

The dance workshop featured Itsaso A. Cano, Zuk Dance Company’s Leader, Choreographer and Dancer as well as Miguel Perez, Zuk Dance Company’s Assistant Choreographer and Dancer.

Zuk Dance is a performing arts company that merges dancers, acrobats, musicians, illuminators and costume designers into their own creation. The company conducts special performances where all disciplines work together on stage. They have received numerous awards in various competitions and events including Young Creators Festival 2013 & 2014, Certamen De Una Sola Pieza Univ. Carlos III 2014, Biennale of Contemporary Arts Milan 2015, Surge Madrid 2016, Circuito Bucles Valencia 2016, UKYA United Kingdom 2016, and more.

The programme was aimed at developing technical and artistic talents in contemporary dance and providing opportunities to develop a high level of skills in this art form. The workshop offered students at Limkokwing University to learn from experienced professionals and industry veterans.

“Students here have a lot of energy and power and I believe that they are improving very fast,” said Miguel Perez after conducting the workshop while emphasising the importance of hard work and diligence.

“Just work harder as it is the only way to succeed in this industry,” he added.

Itsaso A. Cano added that Limkokwing students and performers are very open-minded.

“The most important is to never stop doing what you believe in,” she said. “There are many opportunities as long as they have the ability to work hard for it.”

For Diploma in Performing Arts student Vincent Lim Kean Ping it was exciting to have Spanish tutors come all the way from their country to share their knowledge and experience.

“We were fortunate to be able to have Spanish tutors from Spain which made the experience more fun,” he said.

“The performance by the Zuk Dance Company was amazing,” he added. “I think this exposure is good for the students and we should have more activities like this.”

The exposure is beneficial to students from various countries, according to Embassy of Spain Cultural Division Representative Ainhoa Fernandez Alcalde.

“They learn more from this workshop and could take advantage of this experience,” she said. “In that way, you can learn about other countries and you can now understand about the people and try to fit in another person’s shoes.”

She also advised students to take advantage of all the facilities available at their universities as they should not be afraid to express themselves and learn new things while meeting a lot of people.

Limkokwing University is a multicultural institution that provides students with industry exposure. Students develop cultural awareness and gain global networking opportunities via the University’s international presence.

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