Torres Lucille from France

9 December 2016

Torres Lucille from France

Exchange student Torres Lucille came to Malaysia to complete her studies in Bachelor of Business (Hons) in International Business at Limkokwing University. She came from IDRAC Business School in France, a country known for its magnificent cultural, historical and artistic heritage.

Choosing Business

She came to Limkokwing University two months ago after fulfilling her study requirement in her home country, France.

For her, business is not only a promising career but also one of the most important occupations in the world.

“Business is everywhere,” she said. “Companies would need people who are more experienced with different cultures.” 

She also emphasises the importance of cultural awareness which could help bridge gaps in a multinational business setting or organisation.

“I learned to work with people from other countries while developing new ideas,” she said. “This enables me to understand how different cultures work.”

Open Classroom Concept

For her, Limkokwing University promotes a creative learning environment where students would have to ‘think out of the box’. The process includes discussions, case studies and role-playing. 

She explains that this stimulates the students’ creative thinking which help them develop solutions to various real-world problems.

“The University encourages students to debate about various issues and topics,” she said. “This encourages students to develop their critical thinking skills.”

Practising Professionalism

“Not only that, Limkokwing University’s lecturers are very professional,” she said. “The classes here are small which give students greater access to information from their lecturers.”

She added that lecturers often lead by example which enabled her to understand various business concepts.

“Classes are highly interactive and there is a constant feedback between lecturers and their students,” she added.

This allowed her to improve her soft skills such as business presentation, negotiation techniques and communication skills. 

Nurturing a Global Network

Limkokwing University’s multicultural learning environment provided her with the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. It further allowed her to gain a deeper insight into the norms of various traditions and cultures.

Being in a global university also enabled her to cultivate future business opportunities with her classmates from other countries.

“I hope to visit my new friends in different countries after I graduate,” she added. “I hope to be able to work with them.”

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