Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Peter Gary Sean Bhujun (Gary Mach)

Peter Gary Sean Bhujun (Gary Mach)

Live Audio Engineer/ Director, 2017
Diploma in Sound and Music Technology

"The best way to get oneself involved in the industry is to meet people.Go out and get exposed to the different environments involving your passion and career."

25 January 2017

Peter Gary Sean Bhujun (Gary Mach) - Live Audio Engineer/ Director

Peter Gary Sean Bhujun had been studying music since he was 6 years old before he pursued his Diploma in Sound and Music Technology at Limkokwing University.

With a strong passion for music, he was inspired by his father at an early age through their mutual love for music from the ‘70s.

“My father brought me to my first gig and even showed me how to make speakers,” he recalled while adding that he had the opportunity to meet various bands as he was growing up.

During his early years, he had spent 14 years studying with the biggest music academy in Mauritius known as the “Conservatoire National de Musique Francois Mitterrand”. At that time, he had studied music theory and learned to play instruments such as flute, drums and percussions as well as vocal training.

He became a student at the Limkokwing University’s Sound and Music Academy in 2010 before graduating in 2013.

“I joined Limkokwing because I was told by an education agent from my country about the audio courses in Limkokwing,” he said. “I saw the courses and gave it a try.”

Encouraged by his father to pursue his studies, he was then offered a full scholarship after the University recognised his hard work and talent.

While studying at Limkokwing University, he learned about other cultures and was able to converse fluently in the Malay language.

“Limkokwing taught me a lot,” he said. “Not only in sound and music, but also about Malaysian culture.”

It was during his time at Limkokwing, when he began to develop a lifestyle that appreciates multiculturalism with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. This lifestyle enabled him to meet other aspiring talents and gain tremendous knowledge from people of various walks of life.

By the time he graduated, he had worked as a freelance audio engineer for more than 5 different companies in Malaysia. He also worked as a music teacher at two schools while helping other local aspiring musicians.

“While being in Limkokwing University, I had the amazing opportunity to work with other students,” he said. These include working with the game department to create sound designs for games, develop music for video and multimedia students as well as organise music events.

“I have also been part of the University’s music club,” he added.

Currently, he has returned to his hometown in Mauritius and is working for ICHOS, one of the biggest audio industries in the country.

He has also taken numerous roles in his professional career which included live audio engineer, studio producer, sound designer, music composer, drummer sessionist and performing artist.

Peter is currently engaged in a project to establish his own company brand while contributing back to the audio and music industry.

“A population evolves through innovation, creativity and sharing knowledge,” he said while adding that one of his greatest achievements was to help unite people through his music.

During his spare time he contributes back to society by supporting the local music industry through various activities.

“I also teach music and drums to children,” he added.

He shared his personal advice to other aspiring talents to be more hands-on towards their own success.

“The best way to get oneself involved in the industry is to meet people,” he said. “Go out and get exposed to the different environments involving your passion and career.”

He credited the University’s multicultural environment and networking opportunities for enabling him to develop his music career.

“Life is indeed made of ups and downs, but this is what prepares us for what is next.”

Peter also explained that the difference between being in a university and an industry is that the university helps to prepare the students for the real world. This meant being able to work as a team and meeting the demands of a client.

According to him, Limkokwing University is a place for students to find themselves. It can help plan the path they wanted to take in the future.

“When it comes to the industry, there is no room for errors,” he advised. “If we fail at something, it means we did not focus enough.”

“The choice of success or failure belongs to no one but us.”


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