Ahmed Rashwan from Palestine @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Ahmed Rashwan from Palestine

8 August 2016

Ahmed Rashwan was searching for the right place to study Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia when he learned about Limkokwing University in Malaysia.

Choosing Limkokwing University

“I came to this University in 2013 when I was 23 years old,” he said. “My parents persuaded me that it was a good idea to pursue a course in Software Engineering.”

He explained that career opportunities in Software Engineering are immense.

“It offers graduates with a good future and secure jobs,” he added. “It was also an interesting subject for me to learn.”

Studying in Malaysia

“When I first came to Malaysia, I found out that I could make new friends easily,” he added. For him, the country’s multicultural environment allowed him to develop close friendships with people from Malaysia, Indonesia, Syria and Lebanon.

He added that the University’s multicultural environment allowed him to share ideas and thoughts with people from other ethnicities, countries and religions.

“Here, you can feel yourself in another world under Limkokwing University.” 

Friendly Environment

When he arrived in Malaysia, he found that Malaysians are warm and welcoming especially when they learned that he was from Palestine.

“I had trouble finding my way around the country at first, but people here are very kind and helpful to me.“

He was also unfamiliar with the local environment but the community at the University made him feel comfortable.

“They even took the time to allow to explore Malaysia’s scenery and cuisine.” 

Child GPS Tracking System

He designed the ‘Child GPS Tracking System’ that enables parents to discreetly monitor their children.

The system works by allowing a child to wear a tracking device that can be inserted into an ordinary clothing item. Parents locate their child through the use of a downloadable application to know their child’s whereabouts.

This system uses a real-time tracking device which could be attached, sewn, or inserted into an ordinary piece of clothing that allows parents to avoid potential harm from happening to the children. 

He says that his system is still being developed and he is currently trying to build new hardware support for his system software.

Life Transformed

For him, creating the software requires patience and confidence.

“Once you start you will have to keep on going, otherwise you face various obstacles,” he said. “You will also need to get help from the right people to develop your ideas.”

As a Limkokwing student, he also enjoyed more freedom to express himself and establish his networking peers.

While studying at the University, he worked with people from different backgrounds which further helped him improve his software engineering skills.

The University’s creative learning approach also enabled him to learn different cultures while expanding his knowledge about the world.

“Students can learn to develop more ideas and become more creative through multicultural exposure,” he added.

He also said that the University’s lecturers and students were very supportive of him which made his experience at Limkokwing University more enjoyable.

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