Akram Ahmed Al Masruri: Officer by day, Musician by night @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Akram Ahmed Al Masruri: Officer by day, Musician by night

10 August 2022

Akram Ahmed Al Masruri: Officer by day, Musician by night

Hailing from Oman, Akram Ahmed Al Masruri is a Training Officer by day and musician by night.

When Akram isn’t busy building a refinery in the HSE department in Oman, he links up with his producer and friend, Firas Al Bakry AKA Viirgo. “Together, we are part of a music duo (Akram x Viirgo) here in our hometown. Our tracks focus on Alternative R&B,” he says.

The company Akram works for is a joint venture between two companies: Tecnicas Reunidas and Daewoo. “My role involves providing training on Health and Safety topics within the company. We also provide training to ensure that the employees understand our safety procedures and avoid hazardous situations that come with building a refinery,” Akram shares.

Akram was a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia student at Limkokwing university. “Studying at Limkokwing and being part of the ambassadorship programme encouraged me to think out of the box more often and enhanced my problem solving skills,” Akram says.

He is currently working on a new music with Viirgo and the duo are “trying to do more things that will take us out of our comfort zones.” “One of my favourite projects was working on an album where I truly opened up to the world about my experiences. I’m proud of any little milestones I reach and celebrate them,” he shares.

The pandemic had an impact on Akram’s day job as it delayed many projects he was working on. “However, we were given the chance to experience working from home and I discovered a higher rate of efficiency when I was teleworking,” Akram adds.

When we asked Akram if he had any words of advice for students who are looking to pursue the same path as him, he said “don’t stress about the little things. Focus on your wants, work towards them and things will fall into place.”

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