Bridging Technology and Mental Health: The SafeTalk Story @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Bridging Technology and Mental Health: The SafeTalk Story

6 June 2023

  • Bridging Technology and Mental Health: The SafeTalk Story
  • Bridging Technology and Mental Health: The SafeTalk Story
  • Bridging Technology and Mental Health: The SafeTalk Story
  • Bridging Technology and Mental Health: The SafeTalk Story
  • Bridging Technology and Mental Health: The SafeTalk Story

In mental health, the path to wellness is often hindered by administrative burdens and a lack of access to resources. But what if technology could be harnessed to overcome these barriers? Welcome to the story of SafeTalk, an innovative venture born from the minds of two brothers from Tajikistan, Shavkat and Shohin Aslamshoev. Their journey is one of passion, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to transforming mental health care delivery through the power of technology.

SafeTalk is a cloud-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform for Mental Health Care Providers. It’s designed to digitise and automate client records, making the day-to-day work of mental health practitioners easier and more efficient. It provides a wide range of tools specifically tailored for mental health practitioners and adheres to strict patient data privacy laws and standards. SafeTalk is like a personal assistant for mental health practitioners, reducing administrative work by up to 80%.

SafeTalk’s commitment to mental health extends beyond its software solutions. The platform aims to create a safe space for practitioners and their clients. All data on the platform is end-to-end encrypted and stored strictly following Patient Data Privacy Laws. Practitioners can also customise SafeTalk as a one-stop platform for all their patients, complete with their branding.

SafeTalk’s co-founders, Shavkat and Shohin Aslamshoev, hail from a programming background. Their passion for creating websites and systems was fostered while earning their Bachelor of Science degrees from Limkokwing University. Their education at Limkokwing played a pivotal role in shaping their entrepreneurial journey. The university’s innovative and globally-minded curriculum gave them the tools and inspiration they needed to start their own start-up.

“I think in Limkokwing there are a lot of interesting students who want to start something new. The only advice that I can give is don’t think too much about it. Just start and figure out as you go,” Shavkat Aslamshoev, also the managing director of SafeTalk, reflects on the beginnings of their journey.

His words highlight the university’s ethos of fostering creativity, critical thinking, and the spirit of innovation. It was in this nurturing environment that the idea for SafeTalk was born and the brothers’ passion for technology and societal change was fueled.

Despite the distance between their home country and their place of study, the brothers never lost sight of their roots, nor their commitment to making a difference in their community.

Shohin Aslamshoev brings up a recent development that has made their work particularly meaningful. “We’ve started working with an NGO from Tajikistan specialising in mental health. We’ve been helping them develop their website where therapists can share tips and create blogs related to mental health,” he explains. By doing so, SafeTalk directly contributes to mental health awareness in a region where it is often overlooked.

The SafeTalk story is a testament to how technology, when harnessed correctly, can make a significant difference in people’s lives. It also reminds us of the importance of mental health and well-being. In a world where mental health is often stigmatised, platforms like SafeTalk foster dialogue, share resources, and provide much-needed support. To learn more about SafeTalk and its revolutionary approach to mental health care, visit their website at

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