Bokang Sterling Monyamane from Lesotho @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Bokang Sterling Monyamane from Lesotho

13 July 2016

Limkokwing University’s final year Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies) student, Bokang Sterling Monyamane acknowledges he discovered the sole reason why he wants to become an Architect after joining Limkokwing.

“I found out about Limkokwing University while I was still at my home country in Lesotho and enrolled in 2011 under the Diploma in Architecture. The programme is hands on and requires a creative mind and that’s what I’m good at; creating.”

Driving his passion

“After graduating in 2013, I received an award for Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr. Lim Kok Wing’s Award of Excellence and got offered a scholarship to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies at the Limkokwing University’s flagship campus in Cyberjaya; this was the most exciting moment ever.”

Real-world projects

“I was absolutely amazed at how energetic the campus was when I got here. It is exactly what I hoped it would be. The assignments given mirror what happens in the industry, I got exposed to different ways of learning for instance you don’t only learn in the classroom but you get exposed to competitions, workshops and events; this helped in sharpening my creativity because I get to apply what I learn to real life projects.”

Unique student experience

“I have visited many Universities prior; I have never come across one like Limkokwing University. There are so many nationalities under one roof, the energy is amazing. Throughout the year students get to celebrate their national days and I think this is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures.”

Future Endeavours

“Limkokwing University has opened my eyes and provided me with great opportunities to reach my full potential. After graduating this July, I’m continuing with my studies on Masters of Architecture and there is no other better place to do so than Limkokwing. 10 years from now I want to have my own architectural firm; with the skills I learnt at Limkokwing University I am confident that it will be successful.”

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