When Solar Panels Become Blackboards @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

When Solar Panels Become Blackboards

26 May 2023

  • When Solar Panels Become Blackboards
  • When Solar Panels Become Blackboards
  • When Solar Panels Become Blackboards
  • When Solar Panels Become Blackboards
  • When Solar Panels Become Blackboards

Imagine a future where technology, agriculture, and sustainability intersect, forming a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition. Imagine you're an engineering student standing on the threshold of the future. It's sunny, and you're miles away from the lecture halls, blackboards and textbooks.

On the sunny morning of 11 May 2023, twenty-three future engineers from Limkokwing University embarked on a field trip. This was no ordinary excursion; it was an essential part of their Integrated Design Project (IDP)/Capstone for Electrical and Electronics/Civil Engineering final-year students. Their destination was the UPM Agri Solar Power Plant, a 5-acre agrivoltaic solar farm. The visit enabled them to learn more about sustainability in design and about the harmony between technological advancement and respect for nature.

The agrivoltaic trails tour offered a first-hand farm life experience and sustainable farming practices. On this farm, they saw first-hand how Misai Kucing crops, serving as natural coolants for the solar panels, doubled as raw materials for Misai Kucing tea production. This innovative productivity cycle inspired the students, illustrating the potential of eco-friendly, multi-purpose solutions.

It was a moment of revelation for the students, realising their engineering studies’ significance and potential impact on real-world applications. The trip was a testament to the hands-on learning approach at Limkokwing University and its potential to nurture well-rounded, industry-ready graduates.

From observing the operation of the ‘Retractable Drying and Planting Rack for AgroPhotovoltaics Farm’ to understanding the mechanisms of the natural cooling system, the students were left with more than just memories. They gained invaluable practical knowledge, a renewed appreciation for innovation, and a clearer vision of their roles as future engineers.

Limkokwing University believes in teaching beyond the traditional lecture halls and textbooks. The university believes in offering its students a comprehensive education that blends theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences. It understands that a university’s responsibility is to educate and equip students with the necessary skills and experiences to thrive in their future careers. That’s precisely what these site visits aim to achieve.

These site visits organised by Limkokwing University are more than just field trips. They’re stepping stones on the student’s journey to become change-makers and leaders in their chosen fields. They embody the university’s commitment to shaping well-rounded, future-ready graduates. As the sun set over the UPM Agri Solar Power Plant, it was clear that the future of these students was as bright and promising as the clean, renewable energy powering the plant they had just visited.

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