Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Ali Hussein Olaik

Ali Hussein Olaik

Marketing Executive, 2017
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Industrial Design

“The world has its ups and downs, but human nature has proven that people are fond of developing and improving their standards”

10 April 2017

Ali Hussein Olaik: Marketing Executive

Ali Hussein Olaik was inspired by entrepreneurs from around the world and discovered his passion for business and marketing while he was still in school.

He was working in Dubai when he began to feel the urge to travel and fulfil his need to acquire his degree.

“After doing some research and relying on word of mouth, I decided that Limkokwing Malaysia was a great destination,” he said. “I can happily say that it was the best decision I have ever made.”

He then enrolled under the University’s Faculty of Business Management & Globalisation and pursued his Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Marketing at Limkokwing University before graduating in September 2014.

During his studies, he achieved good grades enabling him to impress his future employers and leading him to a successful career.

“I respect and admire all those who take risks and have a story to share,” he said about pursuing his career in marketing.

“In high school, we were given the choice whether to go for science or commerce,” he added. “I chose commerce.”

He chose that path, because he had his own insight in how to conduct his business while building relationships with other professionals in the global market.

His career took off when he began his internship as a junior marketing executive for a real estate broker.

“I figured how things are done in the industry and built the skills and experience to move to where I am now,” he said.

He has built numerous connections with other successful professionals who have helped and mentored him over the years.

“They have helped me gain the skills and confidence needed to achieve greatness in my field of work and showed me that the sky is the limit,” he said.

He is currently working as a Marketing Executive at Tiger Group, a real estate development based in Dubai. The company is one of the largest development and construction business in the United Arab Emirates that operates from Sharjah and Dubai.

Dubai is one of the busiest business portals and a major crossroad to all the world’s trade. It is constantly building new landmarks and is highly competitive with the rest of the world. This results in constant change with new standards being established.

Ali is currently working to integrate the company’s website and develop it further to enable his company to exceed its competitor and stand out.

“I am working on a building a transparent social media interactive platform,” he said while adding that he is also developing more marketing solutions to improve his company’s image.

Being in a highly competitive business environment, his experience at Limkokwing University has helped him to prepare for this very demanding occupation.

Looking back at his studies, he had participated in numerous workshops and assignments at Limkokwing University. His involvement enabled him to gain valuable exposure and work experience. This experience further helped to develop his confidence as well as his interpersonal skills which later became crucial in his career as a marketing executive.

Ali also added that the University’s interactive environment enabled him to stand out. For him, the most crucial skill that he picked up at Limkokwing University was the value of teamwork and the ability to speak in public.

“The University is just small stage in your life that allows you to build your character,” Ali said. “You will achieve your degree, but the industry is a whole different aspect.”

He explained that graduates will learn from their mistakes which will help them to grow.

“Sometimes, those mistakes are not forgiven and therefore, you will need to stay strong,” he added.

“The world has its ups and downs, but human nature has proven that people are fond of developing and improving their standards,” he said while adding that real failure is to die in vain while knowing that a person has never left their comfort zone.

Ali shared his advice that reading and education is crucial if one wants to survive and succeed, whereby Limkokwing University was one of the best phases in his life and his most memorable.

“I achieved quality education and made great long lasting friends whom I look forward to meeting again later in life.”

For him, Limkokwing will always be his second home.

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