Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Noreen Gulwani

Noreen Gulwani

Remarkable Writer, 2017

“It is sometimes a passionate friend, sometimes a historical literary figure, and sometimes its nature and its life including plants, animals, landscapes and even insects.”

06 March 2017

Noreen Gulwani : Remarkable Writer

Noreen Gulwani works as a writer at Pac and Copy, a United States based digital marketing company located in Karachi, Pakistan.

She graduated from Limkokwing University in 2015 with a BA in Broadcasting and Journalism.

Her day to day tasks include writing news articles and blog pieces on different topics like environment, business, tech, health, lifestyle and world cultures.

Noreen has been interested in reading since childhood. “My favorite subject was English, because we were given writing assignments, so I would really enjoy writing poetry and essays.”

“I wanted to pursue creative writing initially, but in my country I couldn’t find a course for it. But I also had a passion for knowing the world, exploration, social justice and current affairs. This was inculcated to me by my dad who brought us up with stories and always talked to us about the world.”

Before Noreen joined Limkokwing University, she was pursuing a degree in social sciences, which she said included awesome courses like gender studies, anthropology, linguistics and world history. “Life wanted to bring me to Malaysia and I came here as a student of Broadcasdting and Journalism.”

Noreen acknowledged that she draws inspiration from many things around her. “My inspirations are very dynamic. I can get inspired by anything and I never have control of it. Since I write, I usually practice emptying my mind. This makes space for ideas to take form.”

“It is sometimes a passionate friend, sometimes a historical literary figure, and sometimes its nature and its life including plants, animals, landscapes and even insects.”

For the 26 year old, studying in Limkokwing University has been an incredible experience. She said the University management did a great job in making it rich in experiences.

“Limkokwing is that place where you can experience all the colours and beauty of the world. I was also a student ambassador so I had the chance to take part in and organise so many student body events and shows.”

“I am very proud that I could, with the help of the Pakistan student body, organise a grand Pakistan Day event where students set up stalls, performed songs and danced, did a rendition of an official army March-past and brought the culture of my country to an international audience. Even the embassy was invited, and the High Commissioner watched the entire show with our President and Vice President. It was awesome!”

She mentioned that with activities happening every week at the school plaza, there were no boring days. “I made friends with the most amazing people who have given me so much to take back. I do hope to come back there again for work, or maybe masters someday.”

Noreen declared that Limkokwing University is a second home to students, and a safe place for all people where differences are celebrated and never looked down upon.

“The University is a great platform for all sorts of artists like singers, dancers and models, to discover and polish themselves. Here at Limkokwing, it wasn’t just about classes and lectures, but also about creating, contributing and experimenting with your own identity.”

Her definition of success, “Success would be doing what you want to do in a way that you want to do it, and with the people around you who you want to share it with. But that is long-term. These things take time. Life is very consequential and gradual, so you must keep whatever dream you have, alive. Until then you should do what you have to do. It seems hard in the beginning, but gets easier by the day.”


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