From Limkokwing to working with Arsenal Football Club @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

From Limkokwing to working with Arsenal Football Club

26 April 2024

  • From Limkokwing to working with Arsenal Football Club
  • From Limkokwing to working with Arsenal Football Club
  • From Limkokwing to working with Arsenal Football Club
  • From Limkokwing to working with Arsenal Football Club

In an insightful session as a part of Limkokwing University's Creativity Series, Gary Dsouza, a Limkokwing alumnus and football entrepreneur, recounted his evolution from a Limkokwing student to establishing a non-profit organisation focused on making sports accessible to all levels of society. He detailed his experiences coaching football for local communities in Bombay to working with Arsenal Football Club, illustrating how sports can be a powerful tool for community development and engagement.

“If I can pull off what I have over the last 14 years of my career, trust me, any of you can,” he encouraged students. Gary’s story of transforming his love for football into a thriving academy called Kopana Football School was a captivating tale of perseverance and purpose. “Work with what you have and try to make the best of what’s available. And if you’re going to like that attitude, there’s no chance that you won’t succeed,” he emphasised.

His co-presenter Rashi Choudhary, a yoga teacher and wellness coach, talked about her unique journey from a marketing professional to an entrepreneur and finally to a wellness advocate. Her transition from the corporate world to launching an online grocery business was a pivotal moment that led her to her current role in wellness. Her story is not just a transition but a transformation, as she shared, “I started teaching yoga on the side. I was making a little money, and now it’s been like, ‘Hey, how can I sustain myself doing something I’m so passionate about?’.”

Rashi highlighted the significant size of the wellness industry, emphasising its potential for entrepreneurial ventures. Her insights on the booming wellness industry, a $5.6 trillion market, opened doors to many entrepreneurial opportunities. “You don’t necessarily need to be in the forefront of the wellness space. There are many things that you can, based on your interest and your passion, look for it,” she shared, inspiring students to explore their unique talents and aspirations.

Both Rashi Choudhary and Gary Dsouza shared invaluable insights on wellness, sports, and entrepreneurship. Their talk seamlessly wove together the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being threads, focusing on the intersection of personal passions and entrepreneurial ventures in wellness and sports.

The duo presented a holistic approach to well-being through the ‘Wellness Wheel.’ This concept covered emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental, financial, social, physical, and spiritual aspects, emphasising the importance of balance in one’s life. Gary reminded the audience, “You need your body to carry you to the destination,” underscoring the significance of physical fitness in this holistic approach.

Both speakers shared their challenges and the rewards of pursuing careers aligned with their passions. They discussed current projects at Limkokwing, including plans to enhance the university’s wellness and sports facilities, aiming to cultivate a healthier campus community.

The session concluded with a Q&A session, during which Rashi and Gary addressed ethical considerations, balancing passion and business, and the challenges of entrepreneurship. Gary aptly said, “Teach yourself a skillset that you can monetise and spread to the world.”

The Creativity Series is Limkokwing University’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial skills among its students, preparing them to meet the challenges of modern business landscapes. Rashi’s advice resonated strongly, “Constantly keep learning and upskilling yourself because it’s not a one-size-fits-all.” Today’s talk provided practical insights into turning personal interests into successful business endeavours, particularly in fields that impact mental and physical health. It encouraged students to consider entrepreneurship within the growing sectors of wellness and sports, highlighting the opportunities for innovation and community impact in these areas.





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