Muhammad Bilal Kayani: Research to enhance management operations for the betterment of Pakistan’s economy @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Muhammad Bilal Kayani: Research to enhance management operations for the betterment of Pakistan’s economy

23 March 2022

Currently a lecturer at the National University of Modern Languages in Rawalpindi Pakistan, Muhammad Bilal Kayani recently completed his postgraduate studies at Limkokwing University’s flagship campus in Cyberjaya.

Having previously studied Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in Pakistan and MBA & MSC from the United Kingdom, Muhammad has a diverse experience in academia - he has more than twelve research publications in international journals and attended four international conferences in Malaysia and United Kingdom.

Muhammad is also working on conducting research that aims to improve Pakistan’s business industry focusing on management operations and managerial issues for the betterment of the economy. 

“With my expertise over management areas regarding academia I am better able to apply my research skills for my home country ultimately contributing to the world’s economy. It takes a special kind of skill to rise above the rest and excel in today’s fast-moving world.”

Discovering his passion at the most creative University

After completing his master’s degree Muhammad had no plans of pursuing postgraduate studies, but that took a turn when his inspiration was fueled by his varied leadership experiences and intriguing questions posed by his students during his everyday lectures.

“I started being eager and researched more to find innovative approaches in organisational behaviour and employee psychology and that was how my passion to go for a PhD was ignited which not only helped me achieve my research goals but boosted my profile. Additionally, my friends were already studying in Limkokwing and honestly, I have never seen such creative and supportive institute, where my teachers, PGC department staff and all employees of University are always available to facilitate. I gained unmatched research skills that will propel me further in my academia profession.”

Groundbreaking thesis

Briefing us about his PhD thesis, Muhammad mentioned it aimed to solve destructive leadership practiced at public hospital nurses in Pakistan.

“My research particularly encompasses four styles of destructive leaders found in Pakistan’ public sector hospitals among nurses. However, findings support most of them breaching the psychological contract of subordinate nurses and few behaving counterproductively in response to destructive leaders. Study was cross-sectional with a sample of 386 nurses from all across Pakistan using stratified random sampling technique.”

Persevering through all odds

“The amount of hard work and devotion I dedicated to my PhD programme was at an exceptional level simultaneously with my hectic job routine. Moreover, as the sole bread earner of my house I incurred a huge financial cost to support my studied. The amount of happiness that I received after hearing Congratulations Dr. Bilal after my defense was at an extreme level, of course unexplainable in words. So, I can say the successful completion of my PhD studies stands as one of my proudest achievements, seeing the smile on my dad’s face and how I made my family happy was the best reward I could get.”



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