Limkokwing Borneo signs MOU with Conqueror’s Vision

29 April 2014

Limkokwing Borneo signs MOU with Conqueror’s Vision

Limkokwing Borneo has once again taken another step forward with a collaboration with the “Happenings in Sarawak” magazine, which is a product of Conqueror’s Vision Sdn. Bhd. (CVSB). Students now have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and talents in the creative media industry through this strategic collaboration.

This initiative not sets the stage for youths to voice their thoughts on the community and exhibit their talents for everyone to see, but also allows other members of the society to read and understand the points of view of our youth today. This effort also aims to instil and cultivate love for Sarawak among the youths through their active participation in the community, encourage pro-active participation among the youths in benefiting opportunities as well as give them the opportunity to contribute back to the society by encouraging and promoting creativity and innovation.

Apart from that, this collaborative effort will also provide students undergoing the Diploma in Mass Communication with the chance to obtain hands- on experience in the media industry, as the program and event collaboration will integrate the student’s academic study with work experience in the areas of Creative Communication, Marketing, Design and Photography through participation as part of CVSB’s quarterly magazine production - Happenings in Sarawak.

“This initiative between both Limkokwing Borneo and CVSB is extremely beneficial for our students as they will be given the opportunity to work in real settings, allowing them to really understand the workings of the industry,” said Afida Khasuma Zaidi, Faculty of Communication, Media and Broadcasting Programme Leader.

“This is in line with Limkokwing Borneo’s distinctive Indusity (industry-within-university) programme, which allows students to be exposed to various real-life environments in order to be able to fully appreciate and experience a well-rounded education. Our students, regardless of faculties, will all be able to contribute towards the magazine and see their work being acknowledged by the public. This will also serve as a stepping stone for our students to show various industry leaders and our community their talents and capabilities,” she continued.

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