Meet Kateryna Vorobyova @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Meet Kateryna Vorobyova

14 April 2017

A person with versatile skills, integrity and willingness, Kateryna Vorobyova came from Kiev, Ukraine to study Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management in Malaysia.

She is a person with excellent organisational skills and time management, which makes her ideal for administration and leadership roles.

Choosing Limkokwing

“Education is a big issue in the world,” she said. “This is an important question for me.”

For her, pursuing her PhD studies enables her to gain a new perspective on education.

“Having a PhD is a significant advantage for me as I have more than ten years working experience in business.”

Kateryna credits Limkokwing University as an institution that is widely known by highly experienced professors. She also added that the University employs professionals who are well-versed in their respective fields and known for their research achievements.

Project at Limkokwing

“University is about more than education,” she said. “My University gives the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience which helps me to get new opportunities.”

According to her, her project is about business strategy. The paper that she is writing is called ‘Examining the Globalisation Strategy Execution Effectiveness in Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises’.

“I have been interested in this topic since the final year of my master’s,” she said. “This lead to my choice and helped me pick my dissertation topic which I enjoy.”

Kateryna also added that the experience enabled her to hone her skills by researching and understanding research methods that are quantitative and qualitative.

Contributing to Science

“The research that makes up the PhD has to be an original contribution to science,” she said. “It has to be something completely new which no one has done before.”

She explained that being able to attain her PhD would be her own greatest achievement.

“It is the highest academic degree you can be awarded,” she said.

To ensure her fullest contribution to her profession, Kateryna has dedicated more than a year to her work. During this time, she has incorporated her experience, collected various data, analysed the results and written the conclusion.

“It takes a lot of work,” she said. “I am really proud to achieve it.”

Multicultural Benefit

Kateryna added that Limkokwing University’s learning environment had a great impact on her work.

“I am not from a country that is culturally diverse,” she said while adding that Malaysia gave her an unforgettable feeling when she first arrived.

“I have learned to live in a multicultural country, learned new cultures and met people of different nationalities.”

Future Plans

“I hope when I finish my PhD, I will have an open door to new opportunities in my life,” she said.

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