Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Business Administration

Faculty of Business Management & Globalization KP/JPS (KA5366) 09/09 - Cyberjaya

Which are essential for today’s challenging business environment. These will include analysis of business problems, formulation and implementation of business strategies and understanding of its function on:

  • Business strategies: concrete knowledge and skills in business disciplines and knowledge concepts as tools of analysis for business situations;

  • Operations: acquire thorough understanding of various business environment, functions, and operations;

  • Skills & knowledge: learn & adapt the analytical, planning, communication, and operating skills, which can be applied to various complex business situations.

Confident leaders who are superb problem-solvers plus skilled in analysis and critical thinking are the main product of this programme. In a business organisation, without the right touch of excellent managers, it will definitely lead to many unsolved problems.

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