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The Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association/Malaysia Plastics Design Centre and Limkokwing-MDI are to work together to strengthen Malaysia’s position as the manufacturer of quality and innovative plastic products. They will also cooperate closely in brand development for the global marketplace and capacity-building programmes for manufacturers and designers in branding and design innovation.

With more than 900 members in the country, the Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA) is the official voice of the local plastics manufacturers. It provides the platform for training to upgrade the technological level of the plastics industry.

Formed in 1967, MPMA represents about 60 percent of Malaysian plastics manufacturers who account for 80% of the country's total production of plastic products. Malaysia’s annual exports of plastics amount to RM5.6 billion.

The Malaysian Plastics Design Centre is a one-stop design centre initiated in 1995 with assistance from the Ministry of International Trade & Industry. Its objective is to develop new designs for plastic products with the view of creating brand names for local manufacturers.

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