Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
David Jesus Granadillo Di Gravia

David Jesus Granadillo Di Gravia

Inventive Video Editor, 2017
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Digital Film & Television

“In my line of work, one has to confront their fears. You have the power of selling yourself well, firmly trust yourself. Take risks.”

30 June 2017

David Jesus Granadillo Di Gravia, Limkokwing Digital Film alumnus, is now a video editor and photographer for a business training company called MOBE.

He got exposed to the industry by being a photographer at various events, which he said encouraged him to take on more challenging jobs.

David discovered his passion for audio visual arts right after he graduated from high school in 2009.

“I wanted to be an actor, so eventually I studied Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Digital Film and Television.”

“In the beginning I drew my inspiration from various Mexican actors, but after time went by I went beyond actors. There is a series of film directors around the globe that have encouraged my passion and love for this industry. Personalities like Kim Kiduk or Park Chan-Wook in Northeast Asia, Penek Ratanaurang in Southeast Asia, Yorgos.”

The 25-year-old mentioned that studying in Limkokwing taught him a valuable skillset of managing different cultures and mindsets. “When you are in the industry, you’d know how to handle a diverse group of people.”

“The University changed my life in a cultural sense. The environment around students emulates the world itself. My knowledge about the world, its issues and realities has expanded greatly.”

David said Limkokwing provided him with the platform to showcase most of his talents. He performed in numerous University events as a vocalist and also participated in the annual Cultural Festival.

“My communication skills were heavily improved in Limkokwing, thanks to their efforts in encouraging the participation of students in their multiple events.”

Since he has started working, David realised that one has to constantly improve. “When in the industry, one has to be more accurate in terms of results. I have made great mistakes, but it’s wonderful to be learning and expanding yourself personally and professionally.”

His definition of success is being realistic about life situations. “To be realistic is to be happy. Be realistic in every way possible, be awake in terms of politics, human rights, and your everyday life, the people you deal with, your friends, your own family. Realism is key for me.”

David’s advice to anyone who wants to pursue a film career was, “In my line of work, one has to confront their fears. You have the power of selling yourself well, firmly trust yourself. Take risks.”


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