Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Nursultan Keneshbekov

Nursultan Keneshbekov

Programmer, 2014
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Information Technology

I definitely learned a lot of things I didn’t know before, met like-minded people, and definitely understood that one day when I will run a company, I will treat my employees the same ways as Google treats their workers. Overall, it was one of the best 3 month holidays I ever had, even though I worked.

06 May 2014

Nursultan Keneshbekov of Kyrgyzstan tells us his journey from deep in the heart of Central Asia to Limkokwing London, where he studied for his Bachelor of Information Technology and why the idea of technology start-ups intrigue him. With a fledgling website called MADHOUSE13 already making its mark on the Internet, it’s clear that for this young man, obtaining his Bsc is merely the first step of a new journey.

“I am definitely not a programming geek, but I have a huge passion for technologies, especially for technology start-ups,” he says. “Initially, I wanted to study Electronics Engineering, but at the time that particular course was not available, so I chose Information Technology. But I have never regretted going for that option.”

Having spent four years at Limkokwing London, it’s clear that the campus and staff have left a big impression on him. “I enjoyed all my 4 years at that campus, as I have established close relationships with the Limkokwing London team,” he shares. “I also established my entrepreneurial spirit on that campus, and even used one of the university classrooms as my personal office where I have worked on my many ideas in the evenings, and having that space has contributed to the amount of knowledge I have now, and I’m still getting new additions every day.”

Everyone has that one great idea, but lack of knowledge will prevent them from making it real.

One of those additions that’s proven to be so valuable to Nursultan comes in the form of a coveted internship with tech giants Google in Ireland. As one of the single most recognizable names in the world, internships for Google are highly prized and extremely competitive- but the rewards are an experience truly unique to Google’s culture, known to foster the talents under their wing with high demands, but also every comfort a workplace can afford, and beyond.

Nursultan enthuses about his time at the tech giant. His time there paid off in the launch of a hobby project called MADHOUSE13, where people share their everyday life moments or funny stories anonymously.

The impromptu project was developed and launched in two weeks, and is by no means perfect yet, but Nursultan and his partner are looking to improve the site based on feedback and to develop it further. As he quotes, “If you launched something, and are not embarrassed by it, you have launched it too late!”

Having enrolled in Limkokwing due to the global vision of the university and the approach of ‘creative technology’, Nursultan feels that even the word ‘creative technology’ plays a key role in producing innovative youths. “Creating and providing technology infrastructure will play a major role in creating awareness of what is happening in the technological industry. Computer Science and Engineering courses will definitely help students put their creativity in their minds to actual end results.”

For now, as he pursues his Masters, Nursultan offers some advice for those looking to try their hand at Information Technology. “Learn from other people’s mistakes, like mine for example. I regret that I haven’t learnt tons of new programming languages in my free time, which are available for free online even. If I had the knowledge during my first and second years at the university, I definitely would have developed my ideas a lot earlier.”

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