Armani Shahrin: Empowering Through Art @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Armani Shahrin: Empowering Through Art

23 January 2024

  • Armani Shahrin: Empowering Through Art
  • Armani Shahrin: Empowering Through Art
  • Armani Shahrin: Empowering Through Art
  • Armani Shahrin: Empowering Through Art
  • Armani Shahrin: Empowering Through Art

Armani Shahrin, a visionary entrepreneur, is making significant strides in social entrepreneurship with her initiative, NakSeni. This enterprise, founded and managed by Armani, is a unique platform that supports artists from the Persons With Disabilities (PWD) community, bringing their talents to the forefront of society.

NakSeni, which translates to “Children of Art,” represents more than an artistic venture. “Art is not just a part of our lives; it is a conduit for expressing the unspoken, the overlooked,” Armani states. The enterprise is dedicated to showcasing the artistic talents of the PWD community, offering custom art for events and collaborations.

Armani credits her education at Limkokwing University, where she studied Mass Communications, with providing a strong foundation for her current endeavours. “Journalism, film, and marketing - each discipline has been a building block in my journey with NakSeni,” she reflects. Her academic background has been instrumental in shaping her approach to running the enterprise.

NakSeni began as a way to help Armani’s sister and her friends during the pandemic but soon evolved into a full-fledged passion. “Choosing between a secure corporate job and the uncertain path of NakSeni was a defining moment for me,” Armani recounts. The feedback and impact on the PWD community further cemented her commitment to the enterprise.

IncluCity, NakSeni’s latest initiative, is at the forefront of Armani’s efforts. This ambitious project aims to create more inclusive urban spaces. “IncluCity is a challenge, a promise, and a hope rolled into one,” she says. The project involves extensive collaboration and community engagement to foster inclusive environments.

Two projects hold special significance for Armani. The Nature Release at Sentosa Janda Baik was an excursion for PWD youths, integrating them with nature and society. “It was a revelation, seeing the youths interact with nature, an experience many take for granted,” she shares. An art exhibition featuring PWD artists, including her sister, also marked a pivotal moment. “It wasn’t about sympathy; it was about talent. And that talent was undeniable,” Armani recalls.

Armani views her journey with NakSeni as an ongoing process rather than a list of achievements. “The joy in small successes, like our first big event, keeps us going,” she says. She aims to support PWD artists and inspire a larger movement towards inclusivity and accessibility in art.

“To those walking a similar path, remember that courage often comes from facing your fears,” Armani advises. She emphasizes the importance of resilience and learning in the journey of entrepreneurship.

NakSeni’s work and initiatives can be followed on Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn, and their website Information about IncluCity is available on Instagram at and on its website at

Armani Shahrin’s journey with NakSeni is a compelling example of how personal passion can evolve into a social cause, bringing about tangible changes in the community. Through her commitment and innovative approach, Armani supports artists and challenges societal norms, making art a medium for inclusive dialogue and change.

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