Dr Mohamed K. Haq: The Dedicated Changemaker @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Dr Mohamed K. Haq: The Dedicated Changemaker

11 June 2024

  • Dr Mohamed K. Haq: The Dedicated Changemaker
  • Dr Mohamed K. Haq: The Dedicated Changemaker
  • Dr Mohamed K. Haq: The Dedicated Changemaker

As the Director of International Partnerships at PRAN-RFL Group, a conglomerate of 35 companies in Bangladesh, Dr Mohamed K. Haq has dedicated his life to a vision that transcends profit and seeks to eradicate poverty through economic empowerment.

He arrived at Limkokwing University at the age of 61, when most are contemplating retirement, to begin his doctorate studies. Dr Mohamed K. Haq of Bangladesh delved deep into the subject that mattered to him most - the empowerment of dairy farmers.

His research at Limkokwing University on the sustainability of smallholder dairy farmers in Bangladesh was groundbreaking.  It offered a unique model that balanced economic, social, and environmental factors. By providing training, veterinary support, and a guaranteed market for their milk, PRAN empowers thousands of small dairy farmers, lifting them from the poverty trap.

Who is Dr Mohamed, and what is his story?

From the lecture halls of Dhaka University to the boardrooms of multinational corporations, Dr. Mohamed K. Haq’s path has been an inspiring journey of passion, perseverance and an unwavering commitment to uplifting communities.

Dr. Haq’s journey began in academia, fueled by a love for teaching. “My passion started right from there, actually, to work with people,” he reflects. After completing his Master’s in London on the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship, he migrated to Canada, where his corporate career took flight. Yet, his roots remained firmly planted in Bangladesh, the country that shaped his values and worldview.

In 1982, when PRAN was a fledgling venture, Dr. Haq was inspired by the company’s founder, who was driven by a remarkable vision to uplift the nation’s impoverished masses. His philosophy became the cornerstone of PRAN’s success—providing employment opportunities to alleviate poverty and restore dignity.

This passion for community empowerment motivated Dr. Haq to pursue his doctoral studies at Limkokwing University in Malaysia. On the advice of his former professor, Prof. Vally, he enrolled in the university’s PhD in Management programme, focusing his research on the sustainability of smallholder dairy farmers tied to PRAN’s supply chain. The experience reignited his academic zeal after decades in the corporate world.

Over the decades, PRAN has transformed from a local entity into a global brand, exporting to 148 countries across all continents. “After the United Nations, I think it is PRAN that represents Bangladesh worldwide,” Dr. Haq proudly states. This incredible success is a testament to the company’s robust distribution channels and commitment to empowering local communities.

Dr. Haq’s approach is as dynamic as his life’s work. Drawing from the multicultural classroom at Limkokwing University, he encourages open dialogue and problem-solving among his students. “I take real cases from the classroom to discuss and find solutions. That’s the way I work,” he explains.

Dr. Haq’s advice is simple yet profound for students and professionals wanting to further their studies: “Be very focused. PhD is not a joke. If you can write a very good thesis, it will be valuable for the rest of your life.”

In a world often driven by narrow self-interest, Dr. Mohamed K. Haq’s life’s work is a testament to the truth that true success lies not in personal accolades but in uplifting entire communities and leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment.

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