Luso Yong: Redefining Indie Game Development @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Luso Yong: Redefining Indie Game Development

19 January 2024

  • Luso Yong: Redefining Indie Game Development
  • Luso Yong: Redefining Indie Game Development
  • Luso Yong: Redefining Indie Game Development
  • Luso Yong: Redefining Indie Game Development
  • Luso Yong: Redefining Indie Game Development
  • Luso Yong: Redefining Indie Game Development

Limkokwing University’s alumni, Luso Yong, has not only realised his childhood dream of becoming a game designer but is also redefining the role of indie game studios in Malaysia.

Luso Yong’s path was shaped by a childhood fascination with video games, leading him to Limkokwing University. “My time at Limkokwing was not just about learning the ropes of game design. It was about understanding how to bring an idea to life,” Luso recalls. His studies in Game Art Development provided a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, including insightful visits to local studios.

Luso is the producer and a pivotal figure at Lusolab Entertainment, a company making waves at the forefront of the country’s burgeoning game development scene. Established in 2015, Lusolab Entertainment began as a modest enterprise. Now, it’s a hub for indie game development and outsourcing. The company specialises in outsourcing development and creating indie game titles, with Luso playing a crucial role in liaising with customers and team members. He ensures the optimal quality of projects and sustainable profits for the team. Luso’s role is pivotal in steering the company, focusing on project quality and team sustainability. “We’re not just creating games. We’re crafting experiences that resonate with our audience,” he explains.

Luso and his team extend their influence beyond game creation. By offering career opportunities in a growing sector, Lusolab contributes to the national economy. The studio’s collaboration with entities like Telekom Malaysia in developing educational systems marks its commitment to societal advancement.

Luso attributes his passion for game development to his early gaming experiences. He is excited about a project involving international collaboration, where his team is responsible for concept art, game UI, and 3D environment assets. “Working with different cultures broadens our horizons and infuses our games with a unique perspective,” he says. This exposure to diverse cultures and ideas fuels Luso’s creativity.

Among Luso’s favoured projects is “Gogoldcastle,” a game developed from scratch and funded by Mdec. This project exemplifies the fun and fulfilment in game development, showcased at prominent game events like Gstar, Taipei Game Show, and Chinajoy. Luso takes pride in his team’s achievements, especially when working with well-known IPs, which motivates them throughout development. “Seeing our creation come to life and being showcased on global platforms is immensely satisfying,” Luso states.

The pandemic brought unforeseeable challenges, with a decrease in market demand. However, Lusolab quickly adapted, finding opportunities in the burgeoning crypto market. “Adaptation and resilience are key in our industry,” Luso reflects. With an eye on the future, Luso aspires to develop original IPs and collaborate more.

Luso encourages students interested in game development to pursue this path, emphasising the relevance of skills like artificial intelligence, real-time graphics, and interactive visualisation in current and future technologies. His advice to aspiring game developers is straightforward: “Stay curious, keep learning, and always be ready to adapt. The gaming world is ever-evolving, and so should you.”

Limkokwing University offers a dynamic environment that fosters creativity, encouraging students to think outside the box and prepare for the real-world challenges of their respective industries. The university’s emphasis on practical experience, global exposure, and cutting-edge technology has made it a nurturing ground for aspiring professionals like Luso, who seek to make a significant impact in their fields, playing a pivotal role in shaping future leaders and innovators of the global creative industry. Through innovation and adaptability, Luso is navigating the gaming industry’s complexities and setting a benchmark for future game developers in Malaysia. His journey reflects a blend of passion, persistence, and the willingness to embrace change.

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