Dr. Nasha applauds Limkokwing University

22 April 2014

Dr. Nasha applauds Limkokwing University

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Margaret Nasha has applauded Limkokwing University of Creative Technology for taking a very bold step of establishing a special education unit to cater for students with special needs.

Speaking at the university’s sixth graduation ceremony, Dr Nasha said students with special needs represented a segment of the society which for many years had not received adequate attention. As a result they had very limited opportunities for basic and tertiary education.

The number of students with special needs at the university increased from 29 during the year 2011/12 to the current 169.

“The increase in enrollment of special needs students shows their great desire to progress to higher education level,” said Dr Nasha.

In this years’ graduation, of the 1 931 graduates 10 were from the special education unit.

“You have done us proud, as we will now redirect our special needs students from external and overseas institutions to study here at home, where education is not only cheaper but more relevant,” she said in applause to the university.

Dr Nasha said the university, which has offered the government of Botswana 11 scholarships for students with special needs, had proved it was committed to corporate social responsibility and wanted to be relevant to the basic needs of the country. “I can only hope that other organisations and tertiary institutions will emulate the good example set by Limkokwing university,” she said.

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